Master course: Managing sustainable and effective cancer civil society organisations | UICC

Monday, April 12, 2021 to Friday, July 30, 2021

Managing sustainable and effective cancer civil society organisations


Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a key part within national cancer control ecosystems, whether by delivering medical services, supporting patients, raising awareness, influencing policy, or engaging in research. A thriving, independent and empowered civil society in cancer control can hold policymakers accountable and shape health services to better respond to people’s needs, particularly in underserved areas and for hard-to-reach populations, ultimately contributing to stronger health systems.

However, the capacity of this key component of a functioning health system has been put under increasing pressure by the COVID-19 pandemic: a recent UICC’s pulse analysis of its members showed 77% of respondents reporting reductions in income and 80% reporting reductions in level of activities and services. To ensure cancer patients do not suffer from diminishing care and support as a consequence, it is more critical than ever for cancer CSOs to have the governance arrangements, business operations and financial planning in place that can help them navigate this challenging operating environment.

Through a mix of lectures, case studies, personal perspectives of CEOs and latest insights from organisational experts, this course will discuss key management and organisational domains, such as leadership, strategy, managing people and fundraising, within the specific context of cancer CSOs, with the aim to support CEOs, managers and leaders to adopt sustainable and effective practices in the management of their organisations.

Learning objectives

  • Provide participants with an understanding of the principles, structures and systems cancer CSOs can adopt to become stronger, more sustainable and build trust with key stakeholders.
  • Offer participants different perspectives on how cancer leaders have tackled management and organisational challenges specific to cancer organisations.
  • Provide a space for participants to connect with peers, reflect on their organisations’ roles, strengths and weaknesses, and expose them to tools and practices for organisational strengthening.
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Target audience 

The course is aimed at Board members, CEOs, Medical Directors or other senior executives responsible for developing and executing the strategy and managing the operations and resources of a cancer CSO.

Principles and practices covered during the course are applicable across different organisational types, sizes and settings, however the course will be particularly valuable for those without a specialised business background.

This course will be delivered exclusively in English.

Delivery method

This course is delivered on the UICC's eLearning platform between April and July. Selected participants will need to sign up to the platform in order to access the learning material.

Content for the course is divided in modules, with each module released at regular intervals during the course timeline. In order to access the next modules, participants must have completed all previous learning steps. A certificate of completion is available to all those who complete the course within the time period, including the evaluation survey.

Each learning module may include recorded presentations and lectures, podcasts, assessments (in the form of multiple-answer quizzes), assignments and/or discussion forum activities.

UICC's Master courses generally comprise between 3 to 6 modules to be completed in a period of 3 to 4 months. Each module will  require an estimated time committment of around 2 to 3 hours to be completed.


This course is free for UICC members only. Participation is capped and selection is via application. Applications are now closed.

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