Did you know that it's possible to catch cancer?

4 February 2014

GAVI Alliance Debunks the Cancer Myths on World Cancer Day 

GAVI Alliance is marking World Cancer Day by joining hundreds of organisations worldwide to Debunk the Myths about cancer and dispel the myth that cancer is a non-communicable disease. As many as 1.9 cancer cases worldwide every year are caused by cancer-causing infectious agents such as hepatitis B and human papillomavirus. Currently, two safe and effective vaccines can prevent infection-related cancers: liver cancer with hepatitis B vaccine and cervical cancer with the HPV vaccine. 

To learn more about the importance of vaccines against cancer-causing infectious agents, download UICC and GAVI’s Factsheet: One-Pager "Revolutionising Cancer Prevention with Vaccines".

To coincide with World Cancer Day, GAVI has announced its support for HPV vaccine demonstration programmes in a further 10 countries, nine of them in sub Saharan Africa. More information on this programme is available here.

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