CEO Programme: 'Fundraising strategies for challenging times' online course - Expression of interest

Please complete this short form to express your interest in taking part in this course. The course is targetd at CEOs* of UICC full members operating as nonprofits. It is aimed at medium- to large-size organisations (e.g. annual income around USD 1 million), which have professional governance systems and dedicated fundraising resources in place. Given the limited places available, only those who closely fit the profile above will be selected. Final selection to be completed by 16 April.

*UICC defines a CEO as the most senior executive or administrator in charge of managing the organisation and who is responsible for developing and executing the organisation's long-term strategy and managing the overall operations and resources on a daily basis (whether titled CEO, Director General, Medical Director, Secretary General or else)

CEO Programme: 'Fundraising strategies for challenging times' online course

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How much of your working time do you, as the CEO, currently spend on fundraising for the organisation?
How many paid staff have fundraising as their primary role?
How involved is your Board in fundraising?
Which fundraising methodologies does your organisation use? Tick all that apply
How much does your organisation approximately raise over one year
Are you available to attend on all the three dates of the online course?

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