Cancer care in zones of unrest
Women in Afghanistan attending a workshop on breast cancer awareness
25 November 2022

Successfully reaching out to women in Afghanistan about cancer

Musa Shukoor from the Afghanistan National Cancer Control Program spoke to UICC about how the organisation is reaching out to women and about the need for greater resources to treat cancer in the country.

Road in Mukono, Uganda
26 July 2022

Providing cancer care to refugees in Uganda

Uganda’s progressive policies towards refugees ensure that they are provided the same healthcare as Ugandans. There are many challenges, however, with respect to cancer care in the country.

Man and women hugging before a line of Ukrainian refugees
14 July 2022

Emergency funding for cancer care in Ukraine and neighbouring countries

UICC has disbursed the first grants from the Solidarity Fund for Ukraine, which was set up in March, and speaks with one of the grantees, Medical Laboratory CSD in Kyiv.

Three doctors at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre operating on a patient
5 July 2022

Cancer care for Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Dr Sultan of SKMCH&RC talks about the situation with respect to Afghans seeking cancer care in Pakistan and the need for more qualified staff and relevant policies.

UNICEF staff member assisting a mother and child in a migrant camp for Venezuelans leaving the country. UNICEF launched a regional response in 2018 to support children and families from Venezuela, as well as children in host communities. Photo ©UNICEF/2018/Moreno
20 June 2022

Cancer and social unrest: caring for Venezuelan migrants in Colombia

Marking World Refugee Day, UICC starts a series of articles spotlighting members dispensing cancer care to people displaced by conflict or social instability in their region.

Ukrainian children with cancer and their families were airlifted to Spain, where they can continue their treatment and are being cared for by Fundación Aladina and other cancer organisations.
Updated on 11 May
15 March 2022

UICC members mobilise to support people from Ukraine living with cancer

The UICC Solidarity Fund for Ukraine has now reached over USD 1 million in contributions. Donations are still welcome and UICC will announce soon how the funds will be attributed. Read more here about actions by UICC members.

Grace Romasko with a 4-year old Honduran girl in the expeditionary medical unit in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, during the US operation "Continuing Promise" in 2018. Photo by Mike DiMestico.
14 July 2021

Efforts to strengthen cancer care in Honduras undermined by volatile situation

The final article in UICC’s series on cancer care in zones of unrest sheds light on the fragile situation in Honduras where people are struggling to meet even basic needs amidst looming elections.

Child in a hospital in Sudan looks into the camera. Photo by Richard Juilliert.
7 July 2021

Decades of conflict in Sudan have made cancer planning nearly impossible

Civil wars, tribal conflicts and lack of public funding have depleted Sudan’s health resources as cancer organisations face monumental challenges to provide care.

Doctor in Yemen posing with a child living with cancer in front of a billboard for aid distribution by the Global Relief Fund (GRT)
28 June 2021

Conflict in Yemen reverses years of progress and gains in cancer care

UICC continues its series on delivering cancer care in zones of unrest by looking at how the National Cancer Control Foundation in Yemen is trying to limit the impact of six years of war on cancer services and resources.

The Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon's Bus of Hope spreads awareness about cancer
16 June 2021

Cancer care in zones of unrest: the challenge of survival in Lebanon

Cancer organisations operating in zones of political instability and civil unrest deal with almost unthinkable challenges over and above those usually encountered by those providing cancer services in low-resourced settings.

Zaatari in Jordan, currently the largest camp for Syrian refugees.
7 May 2020

First-ever study on the economic burden of cancer care for Syrian refugees

A Lancet Oncology article estimates the cost of maintaining essential services for Syrian refugees in three key host-countries during and after the coronavirus pandemic. UICC offers a Q&A with the authors.

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