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All resources published by UICC are kept here, as well as a number of key resources from our members and partners.

Please click on the images below to read the reports online, or use the links below to download the PDF versions of the reports.

2013 Annual Report

2013 has been a very fulfilling year, during which, UICC continued to deliver excellence in advocacy, convening and running global programmes, but also took time out to reflect on its long term mission and goals. Read on to find out more.


2013 Financial Report

We are pleased to release the first ever UICC Financial Report. In previous years, the financial performance of UICC has been reported in the Annual Report of that year. However, this year and from now on, we will provide a more comprehensive and detailed separate review of our financial performance, highlighting results over a three year period so that you can see progress in the financial management of the organisation.



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TNM is the globally accepted method of describing the anatomical extent of cancer.

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