The Fellowships Programme is a core activity of UICC with a 50-year long history and plays a major role in UICC’s mission and vision to build capacity and contribute to the professional development of cancer investigators, clinicians, nurses, cancer society staff, and volunteers, with a focus on low- and middle-income countries. UICC aims to reduce the global burden of cancer by promoting the exchange and dissemination of cancer control knowledge and technical skills. In the coming years, we hope that UICC Fellowships will attract more applications from UICC members working in cancer control.

UICC Fellows come from around the globe and work in all areas of cancer control. Over 6,000 fellowships have been awarded and UICC conducts regular surveys to analyse their impact. Awarded UICC fellows mention that their cancer knowledge has increased and their professional networks have expanded as a result of their UICC fellowship, and that their new skills are much valued by their Home Institutions, CLICK HERE for testimonials from awarded fellows. Our most recent survey also showed that 60% of fellows have either published or are in the process of publishing with their hosts. READ MORE about the impacts of UICC Fellowships.

READ MORE about how Fellowships promote world-wide training.


Through its fellowship programme, UICC aims to support health workers and cancer professionals focussing on cancer control, including cancer prevention, early detection, epidemiology, implementation and translational research, cancer treatment (surgery, radio- and chemotherapy), multidisciplinary patient care, rehabilitation, survivorship and palliative care.

NEW IN 2017:

  • This year, the International Cancer Technology Transfer (ICRETT) fellowship programme has been renamed UICC Technical Fellowships (UICC-TF), with a focus on cancer control with less emphasis on basic research.
  • There are 2 new closing dates for the 2 YY Study grant calls: 15 March and 15 September 2017
  • The Chinese Fellowships pilot scheme has now been completed. The 2016 fellowships are currently underway and this scheme will be evaluated before a new call is opened.
  •  A new fellowship call dedicated specifically to cancer professionals and health workers working in Francophone Africa was launched on World Cancer Day February 4th (see below for more details).

Bourses de l’UICC pour l’Afrique francophone

UICC Fellowships for Francophone Africa

Bourses d’un mois spécifiquement destinées aux personnels de santé et autres professionnels travaillant dans le domaine du cancer et basés en Afrique francophone. Le montant de la bourse est au maximum de 2000 dollars US

La clôture du premier appel à candidature est fixée au 19 Avril 2017

Fellowships of one month aimed specifically at health workers and professionals working in cancer who are based in Francophone Africa. The award amount is upto a maximum of 2,000 USD

Deadline for first call 19 April 2017


Apporter un soutien aux candidats basés en Afrique francophone à réaliser une visite d’un mois dans un autre pays de la même région en vue d’acquérir de nouvelles connaissances, renforcer leurs compétences et former des collaborations en vue de les appliquer de façon effective à leur retour dans leur institution d’origine.

For applicants based in Francophone Africa to go to another country in the same region for one month to exchange knowledge, enhance skills and form collaborations that can be effectively be put to use in the home organization upon return.

Ces bourses visent à contribuer à l’émergence de futurs leaders dans la région, à diffuser les connaissances et compétences acquises dans l’institution d’origine et à favoriser la mise en place de nouveaux réseaux de collaboration.

These fellowships should contribute to the establishment of future cancer leaders in the region, and have a multiplier effect such that the skills learned are disseminated throughout the home institution and new networks are built.

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UICC Technical Fellowships 

A 1-month fellowship focusing on rapid transfer of cancer knowledge and clinical technology

The objectives of this 1 month fellowship with a value of upto USD 3,400 are:

  • to facilitate an exchange of technical knowledge and skills in cancer control, with an emphasis on cancer prevention and diagnosis, implementation, translational, behavioural, epidemiologic and clinical research.
  • to acquire appropriate clinical technical knowledge and skills in screening, treatment and management for the effective application and use in the home organisation upon return.

CLOSING DATE: Applications accepted at any time

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A 3-month fellowship focusing on advanced experimental methods and techniques

The objectives of this 3-month YY fellowship, of a value of USD 10,000, are to initiate, set-up, or pursue bilateral cancer research projects with collaborating investigators abroad, to exchange and exploit complementary skills and material, as well as receive training in advanced experimental research methods and techniques.

 CLOSING DATE: 15 March and 15 September

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A 3-month clinical observational fellowship or a 12-month research fellowship focusing on training 

The objectives of these fellowships are to develop future leaders in cancer research and clinical practice in China, and to provide awardees the opportunity to build advanced skills in their area of expertise, receive hands-on experience, intellectual stimulation, research guidance, and academic mentorship.

Please note: there will be no new call for this programme in 2017.

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Capacity-building in low- and middle-income countries

UICC Workshops enable capacity building in key topics with linkage to UICC priority areas and World Cancer Declaration targets in low- and middle-income countries.

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