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Welcome to our Members' Corner. Here you will find the latest news and best practices from our members, useful resources, training opportunities and ways to support the global cancer community. 


Member news

UICC members welcome the new President and Board of Directors for 2020-2022

At UICC's first ever virtual General Assembly on 6th October 2020, UICC full members welcomed the new President, Professor Anil D'Cruz from India, and voted for the 2020-2022 Board of Directors, including the new Presiden-elect, Professor Jeff Dunn AO from Australia.

Read the full news article here.

Are you looking for other interesting news for UICC members this month? Have a look at the announcement of the Finalists for the 2020 UICC Awards and the news article on the hybrid World Cancer Congress in Geneva in 2022.

Lymphoma Treatment Walkthrough - First digital tool for lymphoma in Taiwan

Hope Foundation for Cancer Care image - Lymphoma

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Care, in collaboration with Taiwan Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation and The Hematology Society of Taiwan, have launched the first digital tool for Lymphoma in Taiwan on World Lymphoma Awareness Day.

"Lymphoma Treatment Walkthrough" provides a complete treatment staging process to help patients quickly clarify disease classification and treatment methods.

The incidence of lymphoma in Taiwan has been increasing year by year. The number of patients has grown by more than 1.3 times in the past two decades, far exceeding the 50% growth rate in the United States.


This month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and UICC members from around the globe have been busy with dedicated activities – find out what our members have been up to!

3 Questions that Can Save a Life FEMAMA - Brazil
Kenelle Sinä Kannat Nauhaa? Cancer Society of Finland - Finland
The Pink Angel Gift Book Scheme - Pink October Campaign during COVID-19 Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance - Hong Kong
The Bread Exam - Learning how to self-check through the act of kneading and pressing dough Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation - Lebanon
MaskUp & WalkAwayCancer Medicaid Cancer Foundation - Nigeria

La Serenata la Rosa y El Arte del Diseño

Fundacion Unidos Contra El Cancer - FUNCA Paraguay
La AAEC anima a "sacar pecho" contra el cáncer de mama Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer - Spain



Oncopadi Mobile Cancer App - A digital patient navigation tool for people impacted by cancer

Oncopadi image

In collaboration with Oncopadi Technologies, Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre has launched the Oncopadi Mobile Cancer App.

The App instantly connects cancer patients to specialists, survivors and navigators through one-to-one video consultations and a supportive community. The App's features provide support, navigation and education to people impacted by cancer through a cancer coaching programme, telemedicine, support groups, symptom tracker, health shop and a digital patient navigation platform, resulting in empowered patients who have better health outcomes and experiences.

With its incredible features, the patient-centric app is repositioning patients in the centre of their care, triaging and simplifying cancer care, which ultimately leads to more patients presenting to the hospital early, and adhering to cancer treatment.

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sebeccly Cancer Care and Support Centre, Oncopadi Technologies, and ACT Foundation are providing 2,000 free video consultations and survivorship services to people impacted by cancer.

Oncopadi is available on Google Playstore and IOS.

Arabic translation of the Cancer Atlas unveiled at UICC General Assembly

Friends of Cancer Patients logo

The Arabic translation of the third edition of The Cancer Atlas was presented by outgoing President, HRH Princess Dina Mired at UICC’s virtual General Assembly 2020 on 6th October.

The UICC member organisation and Vanguard partner Friends Of Cancer Patients (FoCP) produced the Arabic translation of the third edition, which draws attention to inequalities in accessing quality cancer care, the risk factors driving cancer patients and the means of tackling the cancer burden through access to information and services.

NCCN Distress Thermometer translated into 46 languages – National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)


The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) – an alliance of leading cancer centres in the United States and a UICC member – announced the official translation of their Distress Thermometer Tool into 46 languages in early July 2020.

The Distress Thermometer is a free resource and helps providers worldwide identify and address the multifactorial aspects of the distress cancer patients can experience. Read more.


Training opportunities & calls for applications

World Cancer Series: Europe Virtual Week / Future of Healthcare Week Asia - The Economist

UICC is pleased to extend complimentary tickets for UICC members to attend (i) The Economist’s World Cancer Series: Europe Virtual Week taking place on 9-13th November 2020 (register here) and (ii) The Economist’s Future of Healthcare Week Asia taking place on 16-20th November 2020 (register here), offering exclusive content and extensive networking opportunities. Speakers include UICC’s President, Anil D’Cruz, and many more.

Europe Virtual Week

Congreso Cáncer en la Mujer – Oncología y Radioterapia

Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Oncología event image

Supported by the Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Oncología, a UICC member, the first Congress on Cancer and Women will be hosted virtually by Lacort Medical on 20th November 2020.

The Congress programme will focus on the latest advances in oncology and radiotherapy with an emphasis on various cancer-related topics. The programme aims for a multidisciplinary approach and will address lectures on Breast Cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon and Rectum Cancer / Gastro Cancer, Skin Cancer / Melanoma, Cancer and Adolescence and topics in Immunotherapy. This event is open to doctors, residents, technicians, nurses and other health workers, and the registration is free of charge.

- Español - El Congreso se concentrará en los últimos avances en Oncología y Radioterapia haciendo énfasis en diversos módulos destinados a tópicos en cáncer. El programa académico contempla un enfoque multidisciplinario y abordará temas en Cáncer de Mama, Ginecológico, Pulmón, Colon y Recto/Gastro, Cáncer de Piel/Melanoma, Cáncer y Adolescencia y tópicos en Inmunoterapia.  La actividad académica está abierta a Médicos, Residentes, Técnicos, Enfermeros y otros trabajadores de la salud y la participación es gratuita.

World Cancer Research Fund International call for grant applications

Grants applications 2020 - WCRF International

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International) is now accepting grant applications for research on the links between diet, nutrition (including body composition) and physical activity and cancer, as part of its Regular Grant Programme 2020/2021 cycle.

Applicants can be based in any country outside the Americas. The deadline for applications is the 16th November 2020.

AACR Global Scholar-in-Training Awards 2021 – Call for Applications

AACR logo

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has opened their Call for Applications for the Global Scholar-in-Training Awards 2021 to eligible early-career investigators from countries building cancer research capacities, who wish to participate in the AACR Annual Meeting 2021 (9-14 April) in Washington D.C.

Applications will be accepted until 19th November 2020, 11:59 p.m. U.S. ET.

Palliative Care, Culture & the Clinic: Ensuring Universal Access to Palliative Care – Call for Abstracts

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre collaboration logo

UICC members are invited to submit their abstracts to the “Palliative Care, Culture & the Clinic: Ensuring Universal Access to Palliative Care” Virtual Symposium (14, 21 and 28 January from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST.), hosted by the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in collaboration with other institutions. Submissions may include position papers, critiques, research projects or review, or health policy recommendations.

Submissions will be accepted until 20th November.

Call for the IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships

Only eligible for LMIC nationals.

The deadline for applications is the 30th November 2020

For any queries about the fellowship and their application, consult the FAQ section or contact

Publishing opportunity for research in LMICs in ecancer’s open access cancer journal

ecancer logo

ecancer's peer-reviewed journal ecancermedicalscience is an open access cancer journal focused on supporting under-resourced communities. As of the 21st September 2020 the submission criteria is being refined to only accept articles which feature at least one author from a low and middle-income country (LMIC) or which have a significant impact on under-resourced communities

The aim of this change is to contribute to addressing the current imbalance in global scientific publishing and increase the data available for basing national cancer control plans on in LMICs. Sharing context specific research and guidelines will be vital to addressing the rise in cancer cases which is predicted in under-resourced settings. 

The journal considers articles on all aspects of research relating to cancer, provides editorial support and operates a ‘donate what you can afford’ model.


New Members

Brazil Hospital de Base
Egypt Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer
Japan CancerX
New Zealand Te Aho o Te Kahu - Cancer Control Agency 
Nicaragua Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian
Thailand Thai Cancer Society by Cancer Network Foundation


Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer

Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer logo

Baheya Foundation for Early Detection & Treatment of Breast Cancer is a non-profit non-governmental organisation that treats women with breast cancer from early detection through all stages of the disease.

Baheya is named after Mrs. Baheya Wahby, a lady from a prominent Egyptian family who passed away losing her battle with cancer. Her family decided to convert her house into a hospital specialised in early detection and treatment of breast cancer

The Foundation started to provide all breast cancer services in March 2015, covering all stages of the disease with all facilities for breast cancer management (radio diagnosis, surgery, medical oncology, radiotherapy, histopathology, physiotherapy, awareness, nuclear medicine, central biochemistry and a hematology lab, patient support, training and research departments).

Baheya's vision was not only to treat breast cancer, but also to build up continuous training and research in this field, having resulted in 450 awareness sessions, 90,000 cases after screening mammograms for early detection, and 7,000 cases of treated breast cancer patients.


CancerX logo

Established in the fall of 2019, CancerX aims to cross-fertilise ideas and to collaborate in order to bring change and cross out cancer. The "X" stands for collaboration, change, and crossing out.

The Organisation's General Incorporated Association hosted the CancerX Summit 2019 and 2020 to address social issues related to cancer. The Summit is the largest cancer-related summit in Japan. CancerX will continue to host the Summit every year around World Cancer Day to increase awareness.

The Organisation has more than 50 professionals and about 500 participants from various professional backgrounds and positions, embodying a collective impact on solving social cancer-related issues. The overall goal is to support a movement of CancerX to create a society where people can say, “So what Cancer!“.

Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian

Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian logo

Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian is a non-governmental organisation with programmes in Culture, Education and Health. The Health programme is focused on breast cancer education, early detection, and treatment for low-income and marginalised women of Nicaragua with a group of multidisciplinary medical staff and administrative support.  The programme cares deeply for empowering patients through different opportunities where they can learn, grow and engage as spokeswomen in the Survivor Volunteer Network, allowing to further the Organisation’s goals of educating, detecting early and providing emotional support to new patients.

The Foundation has a proud track record of a sixteen years-long Breast Cancer programme that has provided services to over 72,000 women, of which 1,300 were detected and treated for breast cancer.  Through their efforts with education and early detection, 75% of the patients are diagnosed at early stages.

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Thursday 29 October 2020