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Welcome to our Members' Corner. Here you will find the latest news and best practices from our members, useful resources, training opportunities and ways to support the global cancer community. 


Member news

Get involved: WHO Regional Committee Meetings

Each year, representatives from the different WHO regional offices meet to review progress and discuss priority public health issues. These meetings are a useful opportunity for advocates to meet with representatives from national Ministries of Health and share key messaging on cancer control issues.

We are delighted to be able to extend an invitation to UICC members to participate in these meetings as part of the UICC delegation. Once again, these meetings will be virtual.

Find out more about the dates, agendas and how you can express an interest to join the UICC delegation.


Take action

Info Day session - World Cancer Research Day (WCRD) 2021

Logo - World Cancer Research Day (WCRD)

Officially designated in 2016, World Cancer Research Day (WCRD) was established to support the overarching goal of the 2013 World Cancer Declaration, which called for major reductions in premature deaths from cancer, as well as improvements in quality of life and cancer survival rates.

The last year has shown us that faster research is essential in addressing global challenges and possible if we work together with the right resources. With WCRD approaching, you can be part of this global initiative to raise awareness towards the importance of cancer research and the need to support it to accelerate scientific discoveries that make progress against cancer possible.

The WCRD technical secretariat ( invites worldwide cancer organisations to join the Info Day session on 6th September, 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm CET to learn more about the initiative and how you can contribute this year.


  • Introduction to WCRD campaign and World Declaration for Research on Cancer
  • How to join and contribute to the initiative
  • WCRD 2021 campaign materials
  • Save the Date: international virtual event on 22nd September

New Cervical Cancer documentary available for your advocacy and fundraising events

Conquering Cancer – Making History By Eliminating Cervical Cancer Everywhere July 2021

UICC is proud to support the documentary Conquering Cancer – Making History By Eliminating Cervical Cancer Everywhere and part of the executive production team. Despite the challenges to global travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, this feature documentary has been developed with perspectives from around the globe, including from UICC member organisations.

The official trailer was launched at the Preventing Cervical Cancer conference on 26th March. It is now available to watch on YouTube.

UICC is encouraging all its members to add their voices to the global movement calling to eliminate cervical cancer by organising one or more feature documentary screenings upon its release in late August 2021. Here you can make your formal commitment: pledge to host an event screening

A screening of the documentary is an excellent way of supporting advocacy work and furthering objectives aimed at influencing policy makers or programme implementers, engaging new stakeholders or raising community awareness. For more information, refer to the below summary.



On-demand viewing - 2021 Colorectal Cancer Congress

Image - 2021 Colorectal Cancer Congress

Hosted by the Global Colon Cancer Association, the 2021 Colorectal Cancer Congress featured 63 speakers from around the globe, sharing their experiences and expertise. 6,000+ individuals logged on virtually and could attend 50 presentations covering 10 topic areas, incl. Advancements in Clinical Trials, COVID-19 and Cancer, Prevention & Screening etc.

There are valuable key takeaways for everyone and all sessions are available for on-demand viewing at:

Hard-to-Reach ABC/mBC Communities Toolkit

Image - Hard-to-Reach ABC/mBC Communities Toolkit

Globally, including in developed nations, many underserved patient populations (UPPs) with advanced/metastatic breast cancer (ABC/mBC) do not have appropriate access to healthcare. In October 2019, a range of experts, including healthcare professionals, patient representatives, policymakers and politicians, met to discuss and prioritise the critical needs of UPPs with mBC. This meeting identified six key challenges in access to care and actionable solutions for each.

To help to address these challenges, the ABC Global Alliance and Pfizer Oncology have collaborated to develop a toolkit of relevant, community-based initiatives and best practice summary documents that aims to drive collaboration across the global ABC/mBC community. The toolkit comprises the following materials:

  • Initiative Repository: Contains information on all initiatives included in the toolkit and allows users to filter and sort by different criteria to find those that are most relevant;
  • One-Page Summaries: Summaries of each initiative that can be accessed directly from the repository;
  • Best Practice Documents: Collated through a combination of written submissions and interviews with the creators of initiatives, across four categories.

A Shade of Pink Africa - Sharing, supporting and inspiring - The Bricon Foundation

Image - A Shade of Pink Africa

The Bricon Foundation was set up in 2016 to support patients and their families in the cancer battle, assisting through treatment funding, counselling, patient navigation and advocacy.

One of the great challenges for cancer survivorship and advocacy in Nigeria, and in Africa as a whole, is that there is still not enough people coming out to share their stories of survival, and thereby providing “living” proof that cancer can be overcome. So many still live in fear. In addition, traditional, cultural and religious beliefs also play a significant role in the perception and stigmatisation of the disease, which sadly results in poor outcomes.

“A Shade of Pink Africa” is the Bricon Foundation's first online series of 6 episodes on cancer from an African perspective, where Abigail (who is one of the foundation's Co- Founders and herself a breast cancer survivor) shares her cancer experience and discusses important subjects in her journey, such as mental health, the impact of religion and tradition, and self-love, to inspire and educate others.

The Bricon Foundation invites UICC members to access and share this resource, and hopes to develop the talk show, inviting guests in the cancer space to provide more insight and education for the battle against cancer in Africa.


Training opportunities & calls for applications

Image - ACS BEACON Initiative global patient navigation toolkit pilot

The American Cancer Society has created a dynamic and self-service global patient navigation toolkit to help stakeholders interested in providing more patient-centred care to build and deliver programmes suited to their local context utilising available resources as part of the BEACON (Building Expertise, Advocacy, and Capacity for Oncology Navigation) Initiative.

The American Cancer Society invites health institutions and cancer organisations in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) across the globe who are committed to improving the cancer treatment journey for their patients to apply to be a part of this pilot opportunity. Pilot users will have access to the toolkit; virtual support and mentoring to develop a new patient navigation programme or to improve an existing one; and a community of peers through a peer-learning collaborative to exchange experiences, ideas, challenges, and solutions.

Image - ACS BEACON Initiative global patient navigation toolkit pilot 2

The pilot will start in February of 2022. Applications are due on 19 September 2021.  To request more information, including an application, please write to


World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum 2021

Virtual, 22 September 2021

Event image - World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition is delighted to invite you to join the first World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum 2021, taking place virtually this year with the theme "Changing bladder cancer patient care together" on 22nd September.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Forum will bring together leading voices from around the world to discuss the role of the patient voice from research design to treatment and care. A multi-stakeholder panel will explore the challenges of including patients' voices in research design, along the entire bladder cancer care pathway and in driving policy change in areas concerning people affected by bladder cancer.

Greater focus on bladder cancer on the global health policy agenda continues to be a strong focus of the discussion and creating enabling environments for advocacy communities around the world. The second session will showcase key projects from World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition member organisations, which are positively impacting people affected by bladder cancer. Together, it will be discussed how to scale up such projects, share knowledge, and best build partnerships and encourage the creation of effective patient organisations in every country to support people affected by bladder cancer and engage decision-makers locally.

The World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition was founded, seeing the lack of support for people affected by bladder cancer in many countries. The Coalition has set out on a mission to support the establishment of bladder cancer patient groups worldwide. The collective goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for bladder cancer patients around the world, and the Coalition recognises that to achieve this goal, international multi-stakeholer collaboration is essential, leading to the teme this year - "Changing bladder cancer patient care together."

Registration is free, please visit the event website for the programme and registration.

ACT 2021 - Affordable Cancer Technology Conference

Virtual, 23-24 September 2021, 08:00 am-01:00 pm ET

Event image - ACT 2021

Sponsored by Case Western Reserve University and presented by Basic Health International, the goal of ACT 2021 is to disseminate the latest research on the development and implementation of low-cost and accessible technologies in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for low-income, remote, or hard-to-reach settings. Conference speakers include Dr Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Investigators, global health experts, government representatives and anyone interested in learing about the newest progress in the field or seeking ideas to secure related funding should attend.

Attendance to the conference is open to all and discounted or waived registration fees are available. The organisers also welcome abstract submissions on these and related topics until 31st August. CME accreditation will be provided.

Virtual, 24 September 2021

Image - Discussion Series Asia-Pacific

Join co-hosts, Asia National Cancer Centres Alliance, City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), National Cancer Center Japan and Tata Memorial Hospital along with international and local cancer care experts in a new discussion series providing healthcare professionals across Asia the knowledge and support to strengthen a multidisciplinary approach as well as to develop resource-appropriate guidelines for priority cancers: breast and cervical cancer.

  • 24 September: How Cities can lead the development of resource-appropriate guidelines for the management of patients with invasive cervical cancer

8-10 October 2021, Hong Kong and Virtual

Event logo - 8th Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance Conference

The Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance (GCBCOA) is delighted to invite you to join the upcoming 8th Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance Conference (GCBCOAC), which will take place in Hong Kong between 8 and 10th October 2021. Co-hosted by GCBCOA and the Hong Kong Breast Oncology Group (HKBOG), the Conference will be delivered in a hybrid format and will have Chinese-English simultaneous translation.

With the theme of "Building Lives with Miracles", GCBCOAC aims to connect breast cancer patients with breast cancer experts all over the world, by bringing together medical professionals, stakeholders, breast cancer patients and survivors to create lives' miracles in bringing better cancer care and better quality of life full of support and happiness.

Registration is free. Please visit the conference website to register and stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Event image - World Hospital Congress 2021

8-11 November 2021, Barcelona and Virtual

The 44th World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation will be held in Barcelona on 8 to 11th November 2021 as a hybrid event: mixing in-person and digital programme elements. The Congress is hosted by La Unió Catalana d'Hospitals (Catalan Hospital, Health and Social Services Association) with the overarching theme "People on board: Transforming healthcare by blending agility, responsiveness, and resilience."

The Congress offers a comprehensive event experience which includes:

  • Over 150 notable speakers to present learnings and share best practices in leadership, management and service delivery;
  • 60 plus sessions where you can harvest in-depth knowledge about healthcare transformations implemented across the globe;
  • More than 300 posters displayed to spark inspiration for future development plans for your hospital or organisation;
  • Awarding ceremony of the IHF Awards 2021 where you can meet the winners and learn from their outstanding initiatives in advancing healthcare;
  • Hospital site visits where you can gain new insights from the leading local healthcare facilities;
  • 3 social events where you can network with fellow healthcare leaders and experience the vibrant city of Barcelona.

In-person and virtual tickets are available. Register for early bird discount until 31st August.

IHF Members are entitled to special rates. Contact to get member discount code. For other registration types, you may click here.

Event image - E.C.O Summit 2021

17-18 November 2021, Brussels and Virtual

Every year, the European Cancer Organisation (E.C.O.) brings together leading oncology experts, experienced patient advocates, key opinion leaders, policy makers and politicians to discuss key issues in reducing the burden of cancer, saving, and improving the lives of patients and the public.

The European Cancer Summit 2021 from 17 to 18 November will focus on the implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Cancer Mission’s recommendations, including through the nine E.C.O. Focused Topic Networks. Indeed, E.C.O is going From Plans to Action with the European Cancer Community by their side.

The list of confirmed speakers is growing with Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, joining alongside a number of MEPs, including Véronique Trillet-Lenoir, Manfred Weber, Sara Cerdas, Nicolae Stefanuta, Frances Fitzgerald and Alessandra Moretti.    

E.C.O invites everyone interested in attending the European Cancer Summit 2021 to register before the 17-September Special Rate deadline.

Banner - ABC6

Virtual, 4-6 November 2021

The Advanced Breast Cancer Sixth International Consensus Conference (ABC6) will take place in a virtual format from 4 to 6 November 2021.

The ABC Global Alliance is fully committed to delivering an outstanding scientific and educational programme for the conference audience with the aim to disseminate new data and advances in the field, within a virtual experience with interaction and debate.  The programme will allow the best possible environment for sharing of knowledge, discussion of the current evidence, controversies and needs in the field of advanced breast cancer. As usual, the conference will close with an extraordinary consensus session with the aim of updating the advanced breast cancer guidelines.

Participants can experience on-demand scientific lectures on the conference platform and benefit from live sessions focusing on Q&A on the core days of the event. Please refer to the below document for the second announcement and more information.


Ministry of Health-Jordan / Cancer Prevention Department and the Jordan Cancer Registry

Logo - Ministry of Health-Jordan / Cancer Prevention Department and the Jordan Cancer Registry

The Ministry of Health-Jordan is responsible for the population's health and wellbeing. With cancer being the second leading cause of death in Jordan, it is one of the main NCDs of concern for the MoH.

The Cancer Prevention Department (CPD) looks after the prevention of the disease in collaboration with other health entities. The department also focuses on all phases of a National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP), which, unfortunately, is still not endorsed by the MoH, despite many of its components being dealt with. The National Jordan Cancer Registry (JCR) works under the umbrella of the MoH, with the prime function and duty of cancer registration on a national level.

The MoH's cancer control activities centre around early detection, screening, addressing different risk factors within prevention etc. Specific examples are smoke cessation, health education, awareness raising, capacity building, as well as palliative care.

Asociación para la educación y el desarrollo social Educando Perú

Logo - Asociación para la educación y el desarrollo social Educando Perú

Asociación para la educación y el desarrollo social Educando Perú is a non-profit organisation formed in 2003. Educando Perú's purpose is social development in the field of education and health. With their "Lazo Rosado" (pink ribbon) programme, the organisation has been addressing breast and cervical cancer.

Educando Perú focuses on three fundamental areas - cancer control, cancer patient support, and health rights advocacy. The organisation interacts with the government and private institutions promoting prevention and screening campaigns. Furthermore, Educando Perú raises awareness for laws supporting care and quality cancer treatments. Linking up with other organisations, the voice of patients is jointly made heard.

Educando Perú was also a driving force behind the "National Cancer Law", which started being implemented on 10th August 2021.

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