Fostering International Collaboration

Accelerating efforts in the fight against cancer

We often get asked a question from our members and other organisations working in cancer control: How can we become more engaged internationally?

For UICC fostering international collaboration is about accelerating action at all levels, increasing the reach of initiatives and resources, making sure that we build on each other’s work rather than duplicating efforts, creating networks of peer to peer support. We strongly believe that we should work as a community and build the capacity of each other working in a more global space when possible. UICC has been working with members and partners on a number of very successful initiatives that will be showcased here, with the intention of inspiring global action, promoting best practises and helping reinforce national agendas by collaborating with others.

So  an organisations’ commitment to the international space can take a lot of different forms and with this model of international collaboration, we have separate them in three areas: Recognition, Leveraging complementary assets and shaping the global health agenda.

The journey of engagement

We invite you to consult the many ideas presented in this document, read the examples of successful stories told by our members working internationally and see the benefits derived for an organisation.  

We would be delighted to hear from you on how this fits in some of your objectives and ambitions.

Joining UICC as a member or a partner is the first step engaging in the journey of international collaboration. Get in touch here if you wish more information.

We would also really like to hear from you examples of how you collaborate with others in different ways and different countries and let us know how this guide can help you.

To submit your story on how you are already working collaboratively please fill in this form and share your journey of international collaboration in the field of cancer control.

Discover the case studies




Increasing visibility and reach among the global health community.


Participants at the 2016 World Cancer Leaders' Summit
Leveraging complementary assets

Sharing expertise, knowledge and assets which can be mobilised to increase capacities to deliver shared goals.


Participants at the 2016 World Cancer Congress
Shaping the global health agenda



Being an active voice within the cancer movement.


A panel during the 2016 World Cancer Leaders' Summit
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Friday 23 March 2018