The Team
Team members

The headquarters of UICC are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Chief Executive Officer
Cary Adams - Biography

Deputy CEO and Advocacy and Programmes Director
Julie Torode - Biography

Chief Operating Officer
Maria Barbara Leon

Advocacy and Networks
Julie Torode
Sonali Johnson
Alexandra Heumber
Micaela Neumann
Yannick Romero
Rosie Tasker
Zuzanna Tittenbrun

Capacity Building
Kirstie Graham
Alessandro Di Capua
Sally Donaldson
Marta Pazos
Mélanie Samson
Marina Teahon
Rasika Uplekar

Communications, Marketing and Web
Vanessa Von der Muhll
Patricia Galve
Nathalie Hasler
Thuy Khuc-Bilon
Charles Andrew Revkin 

Congress and Events
Jessica Mathieu
Yani Amar
Ronan Carella
Mina Djordjic
Marion Gilodi

Memberships and Partnerships
Muriel Auclaire
Natacha Debbané
Lorenzo Boffi
Laura Fernandez Diaz 
Baptiste Fontaine
Teresa Gmur
Karine Hentsch
Wouter Kruijs
Hugo Nicolaus

UICC Team - 1000 members celebration - 1
 UICC Staff celebrating the milestone achievement of reaching 1,000 members

Finance and Administration 
Maria Barbara Leon
Sandrine Fasel
Natasha Mehandroo
Cindy Ray
Philomène Taylor

C/Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge
Susan Henshall
Isabel Mestres
Eva Ciurana Casademont
Rebecca Morton Doherty
Melissa Rendler-Garcia (based in Miami, United States)
Laura Solia Shellaby
External consultants:
Olga Isabel Arboleda (based in Cali, Colombia)
Rolando Camacho (based in Mallorca, Spain)
Laura Flores (based in Asuncion, Paraguay)
Silvina Frech (based in Rosario, Argentina)
Hedieh Mehrtash, (based in Washington DC, United States and supported by US National Cancer Institute)
Aung Naing Soe (based in Yangon, Myanmar)
Tuyet Ha Iaconis (based in San Francisco, United States)

McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer
Jonathan Liberman (based in Melbourne, Australia)

NCD Alliance Support
Tiphaine Lagarde
Alena Matzke
Marion Ovide

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