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UICC and its members help with the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) by encouraging governments and policymakers to adopt and effectively implement the WHO FCTC requirements and guidelines, and by raising awareness of the risks related to the use of tobacco. 

A ban on smoking in public areas, particularly closed environments, protects individuals by reducing their exposure to second-hand smoke, which contributes to 1.2 million deaths per year, including 65,000 among children. Taxation is a win-win measure for the economy as well as public health, since revenue can help fund health systems and prevention programmes; studies show that a 10% increase in taxes leads to a 4-5% decrease in the demand for cigarettes. However, these and other effective measures are often undermined or made difficult to implement due to the massive financial and political weight of the tobacco industry, which spends an estimated USD 23 Million per day on marketing and actively spreads misinformation

World No Tobacco Day

Each year, UICC supports the WHO-led World No Tobacco Day on 31 May to drive attention to the harms caused by tobacco as the leading preventable cause of cancer and to reduce the the number of cancer cases and related deaths through tobacco cessation.

The campaign theme for World No Tobacco Day 2022 is “Tobacco: Threat to our environment"

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Tobacco Control ready-made social media messages

Ready-made Social Media Messages

Globally 1.8 million deaths are caused by #lungcancer annually. #Tobacco smoking is the most common cause of lung #cancer, contributing to roughly 1.2 million deaths per year. Quitting smoking can significantly reduce the risk of lung cancer. @uicc

Tobacco taxation is one of the most effective & cost-effective measures for controlling tobacco use and preventing #NCDs, including #cancer. @uicc

#Tobacco goes far beyond an issue of #health – it places a tremendous burden on countries least equipped to respond to tobacco-related illness and death. @uicc

#Tobacco products kill more than 8 million people every year and are accountable for 25% of all #cancer deaths globally. With such a high death rate, #tobacco industries must continuously find new consumers to replace the ones that their products are killing to maintain revenue. @uicc

#Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of #cancer and stopping smoking is one of the best things we can do to reduce our risk of cancer. @uicc

Through aggressive marketing of e-cigarettes, 7 in 10 teens are estimated to be exposed to #ecigarette adverts. Teen e-cigarette users are also more likely to start #smoking #tobacco. Governments must take a strong regulatory approach to e-cigarettes, particularly to protect youth. @uicc

#Tobacco use burdens the global economy with an estimated US$ 1.4 trillion in #healthcare costs and lost productivity each year. @uicc

Quitting #tobacco at any age can make huge a difference, increasing your life expectancy and improving quality of life. @uicc

Ending online #tobacco and e-cigarette advertising now will prevent future generations from seeing these products as “normal” and getting hooked. @uicc

News and blogs on tobacco control

Picture of a World No Tobacco Day Award medal
8 June 2022

UICC members in Fiji and Australia receive prestigious World No Tobacco Day Award

The Fiji Cancer Society and Kylie Lindorff at the Cancer Council New South Wales earn recognition for their work in tobacco control.

Logo for UICC's let's talk cancer podcast, a globe wearing headphones
25 May 2022

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": How the tobacco industry harms our health and our planet

Dr Ulysses Dorotheo talks to Dr Cary Adams about the harms caused by tobacco to the environment and measures to take to improve tobacco control. 

Logs piled outside tobacco curing barns in Malawi.
18 May 2022

The cigarette industry’s green disguise

Marking the upcoming World No Tobacco Day, Sonja von Eichborn explores the tobacco industry’s toll on the environment and its greenwashing strategy.

Men smoking waterpipes outside in the evening
16 May 2022

UICC members in the MEA region work to reduce tobacco production and use

Many countries in low-resource settings face significant hurdles in enforcing anti-tobacco laws, enabling farmers to transition to alternative crops, and fighting the smuggling of chemicals and tobacco products.

Close up of a person's hand putting out a cigarette in the sand next to other cigarette butts
22 April 2022

Tobacco is poisoning the environment as well as public health

UICC is supporting World No Tobacco Day on 31 May – highlighting the detrimental impact of tobacco on the environment – with a collection of digital tools to promote more effective tobacco control.

Vector image of three Black women
17 March 2022

Snuff on the rise among Zambian women, increasing risks for cervical cancer

Insunko is a powdered form of tobacco sold in Zambia that an increasing number of women believe enhances male sexual pleasure. Such a use heightens the risk of cervical cancer.

Tobacco control external press and media content

Young non-smokers in NZ are taking up vaping more than ever before. Here are 5 reasons why – Yahoo News Australia – 26 June 2022

Astonishing new campaign exposes the dangerous chemicals that are inside your vape - including insect killer and cleaning products – Daily Mail – 23 June 2022

Canada proposes printing a warning on every cigarette – NPR – 11 June 2022

Coalition building is key to tobacco control in LMICs (op-ed by Yannick Romero and Beth Turner) – Devex – 31 May 2022

Big Tobacco is killing the planet with plastics. No smokescreen should be allowed to hide that – The Guardian – 26 May 2022

Close the pack of cigarettes – close the care gap: Reflections after World Cancer Day 2022 – Tobacco Induced Diseases – May 2022

‘Smoke-Free’ Cities and Islands — Sponsored by Philip Morris – OCCRP – 5 May 2022

FDA's Proposed Rules to Prohibit Menthol Cigarettes and Flavored Cigars Will Protect Kids, Advance Health Equity and Save Lives, Especially Among Black Americans – Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids – 28 April 2022 

Impact of Canada’s menthol cigarette ban on quitting among menthol smokers: pooled analysis of pre–post evaluation from the ITC Project and the Ontario Menthol Ban Study and projections of impact in the USA – British Medical Journal – 28 April 2022

Paid protesters, free lunches and backroom chats: inside the menthol lobbying machine – The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – 25 April 2022

Unsmoke Is (still) a Joke – Expose Tobacco – 6 April 2022

Vaping causes harm and addiction in 'new generation' of users, major report warns – ABC News Australia – 7 April 2022

Seeds of Change in Kenya As Farmers Lead Way On Tobacco-Free Farms – AllAfrica – 23 March 2022

Our World is Being Burned By Tobacco – Expose Tobacco – 1 March 2022

How the tobacco industry is renewing its assault on science – Truth Initiative – 24 February 2022

Africa – Imperial Tobacco’s “unloved asset to a platform for future growth” – ACTC – 9 February 2022

Synthetic nicotine: Unregulated and increasingly popular – Politico – 7 February 2022

Smoking costs society £17bn – £5bn more than previously estimated – Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) – 14 January 2022

Quitting electronic cigarettes: Factors associated with quitting and quit attempts in long-term users – Addict Behaviors – 23 December 2021

Sustainable Development or Tobacco: 17 Shades of Grey – Medicus Mundi – December 2021

Tobacco control: far from the finish line – The Lancet – 27 November 2021

Tobacco Industry’s stance on Taxation and Illicit Trade dubbed ‘Deceptive’ by Civil Society – The Day Spring (Pakistan) – 21 November 2021

At the other COP, countries eye an investment fund for tobacco control – Devex – 11 November 2021

To the COP26 Summit in Glasgow: Moving to “Tobacco-Free Finance” is Good for Public Health and the Environment – PV Marquez – 3 November 2021

Vaping: The real dollars behind fake consumer organisations – Le Monde – 3 November 2021

E-cigarettes don't help smokers stay off cigarettes, study suggests – Science Daily – 19 October 2021

Cigarettes sales during the COVID-19 pandemic were 14% higher than past years – MailOnline/ACS – 19 October 2021 

Many e-cigarette vaping liquids contain toxic chemicals: new Australian research – The Conversation – 12 October 2021

Friends in the Right Places: PMI’s Plan to Reach Policymakers – Expose Tobacco – 4 October 2021

California will impose new vaping tax to curb teen use, fund public health programs – LA Times – 4 October 2021

Inhaler firm Vectura removed from conference over Philip Morris takeover – The Guardian – 16 September 2021

Synthetic nicotine has arrived – British Medical Journal/Tobacco Control – 7 September 2021

Opinion: ‘The idea that a tobacco company might profit off my disease appals me’ – Cancer Research UK – 1 September 2021

Tobacco industry’s ‘behind the scenes’ tactics in Singapore – British Medical Journal – 27 August 2021

Inhaling vapor blocks cells that fight immunity in the lungs, laboratory studies find – Eminetra – 14 August 2021

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World—even less independent from its tobacco company funder – BMJ Opinion – 10 August 2021

Study explores the effect of graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging among US smokers – Oral Cancer News – 7 August 2021

Poorer communities see twice as many smoking-related cancers as richer areas, says study – The Independent – 4 August 2021

Tobacco industry capitalises on the COVID-19 pandemic – The Lancet – 29 July 2021WHO reports progress in the fight against tobacco epidemic, highlights threats posed by new nicotine and tobacco products – WHO – 27 July 2021

‘Urgent need’ for age restrictions on TikTok vaping videos, Australian study finds – The Guardian – 26 July 2021

Big Tobacco struggles to convince critics it can kick the cigarettes – Financial Times/California News Times – 16 July 2021

Smoke and mirrors – Stabroek News – 1 July 2021

Teens vaping a problem for almost half of central Auckland primary and intermediate schools – New Zealand Herald – 24 June 2021

Tobacco is a threat to a just and sustainable development – Euractive – 12 June 2021

Thoughts on neologisms and pleonasm in scientific discourse and tobacco control – British Medical Journal Tobacco Control – June 2021

Industry profits continue to drive the tobacco epidemic: A new endgame for tobacco control? – Tobacco Prevention & Cessation – June 2021

Socioeconomic status and tobacco consumption: Analyzing inequalities in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, the Russian Federation and South Africa – Tobacco Prevention & Cessation – 7 June

Advocates end Philip Morris International’s involvement in international events – British Medical Journal – 6 June 2021

Spatial, temporal, and demographic patterns in prevalence of smoking tobacco use and attributable disease burden in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 – The Lancet – 27 May 2021

Vaping and e-cigarettes are glamourised on social media, putting young people in harm’s way – The Conversation – 26 May 2021

Promoting convergence and closing gaps: a blueprint for the revision of the European Union Tobacco Tax Directive – British Medical Journal – 24 May 2021

Association Between Cigarette Smoking and COVID-19 Outcomes – JAMA Internal Medicine – 21 May 2021

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Tied to Oral Cancer Risk – MedScape/Reuters – 10 May 2021

Budgetary impact from multiple perspectives of sustained antitobacco national media campaigns to reduce the harms of cigarette smoking – British Medical Journal – May 2021

Risk of smoking relapse with the use of electronic cigarettes: A systematic review with meta-analysis of longitudinal studies – Tobacco Prevention and Cessation – April 2021

Big tobacco, big conflict of interest – University of Bath – 29 April 2021

Paying lip service to publication ethics: scientific publishing practices and the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World – British Medical Journal – 28 April 2021

Electronic cigarettes and science in EU policy making – Euractiv – 27 April 2021

E-cigarettes with a cigarette-like level of nicotine are effective in reducing smoking and exposure to carcinogen, study finds – VCU 12 – April 2021

Passive vaping: An impending threat to bystanders – MedicalExpress – 8 April 2021

How the tobacco industry works to disrupt public health policies in low- and middle-income countries – University of Bath – 29 March 2021

Children Exposed To Tobacco Smoke Use More Emergent Health Services – Science Magazine – 24 March 2021

Impact of tobacco control policies implementation on future lung cancer incidence in Europe: an international, population-based modeling study – 22 March 2021

The secret money trail behind vaping – Financial Review – 20 February 2021

Global impact of tobacco control policies on smokeless tobacco use: a systematic review protocol – British Medical Journal – December 2020


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