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UICC is highly committed to accelerate progress in breast cancer control. In the last decade, UICC has launched a series of initiatives to encourage early detection and improve access to treatment and care. More recently, through its Breast Cancer Programme, UICC aims to strengthen the capacity of key breast cancer actors to contribute to major global health targets, and in support to WHO's Global Breast Cancer Initiative.  

This page regroups important resources on breast cancer control such as infographics, videos, articles and tools.   




Breast cancer infographics


Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in 154 countries. Data source: GLOBOCAN 2020 Graph production: IARC ( World Health Organization. 
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Estimated age-standardized incidence rates (World) in 2020, breast, females, all ages Data source: GLOBOCAN 2020 Graph production: IARC ( World Health Organization. 
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Estimated age-standardized mortality rates (World) in 2020, breast, females, all ages | Data source: GLOBOCAN 2020 Graph production: IARC ( World Health Organization.
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Breast cancer news & blogs

Nurse attending to a breast cancer patient at the FUCAM breast centre in Mexico. Photo by Adán Jardón, (c) UICC.
9 March 2022

Seeds of change – making an impact in breast cancer care

Andy Schmeltz of Pfizer honours the more than fifty SPARC awardees around the world who are "sparking" change for all people living with metastatic breast cancer, no matter who they are or where they live.

Woman at a breast cancer awareness campaign in Pakistan holding up a signpost that says: "Fight breast cancer before it starts". Photo by UICC is offering grants to members for projects aimed at improving access to early detection. Photo by Salman Asif/UN Women Asia and the Pacific,  breast cancer awareness campaign in Pakistan in 2013.
Updated on 29 March 2022
7 March 2022

New UICC grants to improve access to early detection in breast cancer

Marking International Women’s Day on 8 March, UICC is opening a call for applications for grants focused on improving early detection of breast cancer.

A woman rests her head on the shoulder of another woman, both wearing masks, in a breast cancer clinic in Mexico.
2 March 2022

SPARC has benefitted thousands of breast cancer patients since 2015

UICC highlights projects of the third and final round of grantees of the SPARC programme that has reached many thousands of metastatic breast cancer patients and health care workers in low-resource settings since 2015.

Dr Ben Anderson, who leads WHO's Global Breast Cancer Initiative in an operating room in Ghana.
28 October 2021

Health system characteristics and breast cancer: Reduced mortality depends on health equity

Marking the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Ben Anderson speaks about the importance of public cancer facilities and universal health coverage to improve survival rates for breast cancer in LMICs.

Doctor wearing mask talking. Photo by Adán Jardón. (c) UICC 2021
22 October 2021

UICC announces four new grants for breast cancer control in LMICs

As part of its Breast Cancer Programme, UICC is supporting four projects in advocacy, education of health care workers and patient navigation to improve early detection and timely diagnosis of breast cancer in LMICs with grants of USD 20,000 each.

UICC CEO Dr Cary Adams and Dr Julie Gralow, Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
20 October 2021

In Conversation: Promoting equity and innovation in breast cancer care

In this Conversation, Cary Adams and Julie Gralow explore how innovation can contribute to greater equity in cancer care, particularly in breast cancer as the community marks Pink October.

Breast cancer patient being assisted for a mammogram
13 October 2021

Addressing equity and stigma in breast cancer care

Dr Fatima Cardoso, Director of the Breast Unit of the Champalimaud Clinical Center in Lisbon, offers an in-depth look at the challenges facing breast cancer control in LMICs.

Women smiling dressed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
6 October 2021

Cancer: the pandemic behind the pandemic

Former UICC Board Member and President of FEMAMA writes about the significant impact of delayed cancer treatment and how FEMAMA continues to fight breast cancer in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctor advising a breast cancere patient on medicine.
Spotlight on breast cancer
4 October 2021

Beating breast cancer: the first year of UICC’s dedicated programme

Marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, UICC looks at the achievements of its Breast Cancer Programme launched a year ago and showcases awareness campaigns by member organisations.

Women getting a mammogram
16 July 2021

The importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration in transforming breast cancer control in Europe

Irish MEP Frances Fitzgerald, Chair of the multi-stakeholder coalition Transforming Breast Cancer Together, shares her perspectives on the value of collaboration for strengthened patient advocacy and policymaking in the EU.

Medical practitioner looks into microscope, to suggest the power of and need for innovation to reduce the burden of cancer
5 May 2021

Innovations in cancer care bring health closer to patients in LMICs

Innovations and resource-appropriate interventions can help close the equity gap in cancer care between high- and lower-income regions. Interview with Dr Omolola Salako of the Sebeccly Cancer Centre in Nigeria.

4 March 2021

Reducing inequities and improving outcomes in women's cancers

This International Women’s Day on 8th March, WHO builds on the momentum generated by the cervical cancer elimination strategy with a new initiative on breast cancer, an action supported by UICC’s own investment in women cancers.

Breast cancer awareness month

asian women doing a virtual fitness exercise session for breast cancer awareness month.

"Dance together! Build a record!" : Virtual Fitness Exercise Challenge (GCBCOA's Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign)

Discover new Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns from UICC members, to be released in October 2021. They aim to raise awareness around breast cancer through multiple channels and regions:

  • In China, the Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance is organising the hybrid event “Building lives with miracles” (with translation in English) and they are intending to break a world record with a fitness challenge.
  • In Ivory Coast, Hope Life is organising Slam Rose, a contest of urban poetry to grow awareness around breast cancer in the younger population.
  • In Egypt, Baheya will light the pyramids in pink and will launch the “30 days in Pink” campaign.
  • In Mexico, Fundación CIMA will launch a virtual sportive event in which participants can walk, run, swim, bike and more, to support breast cancer patients.

To learn how to craft messages and campaigns that appeal to the public based on design-thinking principles and hear from 2021 campaigns of UICC members, you can watch the Virtual Dialogue on “Rethinking Pink October –how to increase engagement with the public virtually” held on 21 September.

You can share your own BCAM 2021 campaign through the ICCP portal and view other campaigns from UICC members on the ICCP resource library.

Breast cancer projects

The SPARC interactive map showcases over 50 projects supporting metastatic breast cancer patients across the world.

SPARC interactive map

Explore the SPARC interactive map displaying over 50 projects supporting metastatic breast cancer patients across the world. Each project contains local links and resources such as scientific articles, training manuals, videos, apps and leaflets, to inspire new ideas on how to best serve these patients. 

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Wednesday 8 December 2021