2022 World Cancer Congress

UICC’s 2022 World Cancer Congress will take place in October in Geneva, the home city of UICC and a global health hub. Adhering to the event’s mission, “Committed to global collaboration and knowledge sharing to accelerate progress in cancer control”, the 2022 Congress will be a combination of on-site events and virtual elements such as webinars, podcasts and online presentations. 

Once again, the UICC World Cancer Congress will play its core role of convening and uniting the cancer and NCD communities, to drive progress and reduce the global burden of cancer through the power of knowledge sharing and collective action.

UICC’s 2022 World Cancer Congress was originally scheduled to take place in Berlin and hosted by the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft), in collaboration with other national partners. Concerned with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, UICC and the German Cancer Society jointly decided to not organise such a large, international in-person gathering in Germany.

Last update: 
Tuesday 6 July 2021