2018 World Cancer Congress

The 2018 World Cancer Congress, entitled ‘Strengthen. Inspire. Deliver.’ was held in Southeast Asia for the very first time.

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia, supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Malaysian Convention and Exhibition Bureau, hosted the 25th edition of the Congress. The Congress took place a couple of days after the UN High-level Meeting on NCDs in New York, so it gave us an opportunity to reflect on progress made in addressing cancer globally.

Over 2,500 delegates from 120 countries gathered in Kuala Lumpur to listen to the advances made by many around the world in preventing and treating cancer. The Congress design facilitated discussion, debate, challenge and interaction and all delegates left inspired by the content and the sense of ambition and hope from the world leaders in cancer control.

The Congress featured five Tracks covering the breadth of challenges faced in improving cancer control at a global, regional and national level.

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2018 World Cancer Congress

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Cancer Warriors Mexico

“After our attendance in the Congress, we got back to Mexico full of strength and knowledge to continue our fight against cancer!”

Kenji Lopez
The Max Foundation

“The course has given me the opportunity to expand my network with other professionals not only in my region but also with other parts of the world. The time I spent in the Master Course to learn, share and exchange knowledge was worth every minute.” 

Thao Tang Thi Thanh
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Wednesday 3 April 2019