Regional series of Virtual Dialogues

Bringing together UICC's regional communities


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Cancer control is subject to regional specificities in relation to levels of resources for access to cancer services, the landscape of civil society representation and actions, the factors contributing to cancer incidence and mortality, and now with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that UICC member organisations face particular challenges depending on where they operate. They need solutions and best practices adapted to their own settings.

To address this need for context-specific perspectives and provide a dedicated platform for regional communities to interact and share best practices, UICC is initiating a series of regionally-focused Virtual Dialogues to be held from May to June 2022 for the following regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean, and Latin America.

Key objectives

  • To provide UICC member organisations with opportunities to connect, explore collaborations and share experience and expertise on topics and priorities that are relevant to them, aligned with UICC’s programmes and key thematic areas of work;
  • To strengthen networks and build a sense of community amongst members and other civil society organisations in each region;
  • To inform members and other civil society organisations about how UICC’s activities can support the cancer community in the region and globally, in particular by sharing regional perspectives at the global level.


The audience consists of all UICC members and their staff/volunteers who are willing to engage and share their experience and perspectives with peers from their region, and wish to learn about UICC projects and opportunities for the region and beyond. While the primary focus will be on UICC members, the Dialogues will be open to the cancer community, including cancer societies, research and cancer centres, professional associations, ministries of health and patient support groups interested in these regional gatherings.

Translation in relevant language/s will be proposed when possible to ensure accessibility to the audience.

*There are currently no regional dialogues upcoming. The 2022 Regional Dialogues for the following regions have already taken place: Latin America, Eastern Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific, Africa. 

Last update: 
Friday 6 January 2023