Opportunities in the Asia Pacific region


Leadership in Action: Cancer Control in the Asia-Pacific Region

As part of the regional offer for the Asia-Pacific, UICC organised a high-level forum for our members in the region, aimed to encourage discussion about shared challenges and opportunities while strengthening the leadership skills needed for senior executives of cancer control organisations.

The forum took place in conjunction with the 24th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference (APCC 2017), a highly relevant meeting featuring innovative techniques and the latest advances in the field of cancer care, hosted by the Asian and Pacific Federation of Organization for Cancer Research and Control (APFOCC).

Read the report of the meeting here.

Asia Pacific Regional Meeting at the World Cancer Congress 2018

The UICC members regional meetings are dedicated platforms for UICC members to discuss new approaches and practices at regional levels, in line with the Congress' capacity building and educational objectives. The UICC member regional meetings in Kuala Lumpur will focus on ‘how to leverage the expertise and potential of collaboration amongst UICC members’.

The Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting took place on Tuesday 2 October from 15:50 to 18:00.

Read more about WCC Regional Meetings here.


Fellowships and grants

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Friday 9 November 2018