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What is a UICC Micro-course?

Micro-courses are fast-paced courses designed to provide an introduction into key topics in global cancer control. 

Delivered on the UICC eLearning platform, they allow learners to gain knowledge on priority areas in cancer control through short, concise learning materials developed by leading experts. The learning materials will be complemented by additional resources and interactive elements to allow learners to explore the topic in more detail and connect with fellow course participants.


High quality learning materials delivered through short, one hour courses


Developed by experts to ensure learners access up-to-date, relevant content on priority topics


Opportunities to connect with peers and experts through live sessions and discussion activities

How can I participate in a UICC Micro-course?

Applications for UICC's first micro-course will open on 27 September 2022. This course will focus on the topic of cancer and ageing. Click on the link below to learn more about the course and the application process.

Cancer and Ageing: The facts, care models and policies
Last update: 
Thursday 22 September 2022