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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for a SPARC Grant. There are several elements of the application process including a Letter of Intent, and the full Application form. We ask that all interested applicants review their eligibility prior to submitting a Letter of Intent. If you have any questions about your eligibility or other items, please do not hesitate to email us at

Successful applications will demonstrate the need, the response plan, and the measurable impact of the initiative. Applications will cover a 12-month project implementation phase and may include an additional 3 months of planning and evaluation phases. Preference will be given to applications that provide clearly defined targets and deliverables, and will favor organisations with demonstrated success of achieving institutional goals. Mentorship will be provided to Grantees to ensure strong monitoring and evaluation for end of project reporting and planning for next steps and programmatic sustainability. Grant specifics are described below and selection will be conducted by the Selection Advisory Group:

Grant Specifics


To stimulate a new area of activity in the field of advanced  breast cancer for the recipient organisation


One priority area: Patient Navigation & Communication; Raising Patient Voices; National Planning & Policy; Earlier Presentation


Average funding is 25.000 USD however this amount will  differ according to evaluation criteria, including resource-setting and campaign scope


Grants support projects taking place over a 12 month period. The project plan may include an additional 3-month planning phase prior to project implementation and/or a 3-month evaluation phase at the end of the 12 months.


 Assigned mentor


Eligible Applicants

  1. Applicants must be organisations or institutions (both non-governmental and governmental). 
  2. Non-UICC members must provide a letter of reference and documentation of the organization’s status. 
  3. Although collaboration with regional and international partners is encouraged, the project leadership and the impact of the campaign should be in focus.
  4. Projects should maximize impact and outreach to women at risk of, or living with stage III or IV breast cancer.
  5. Campaigns which include coverage of equipment costs, patient treatment or care will not be eligible. Projects related to screening are not encouraged.
  6. Applications are welcomed worldwide, excluding the United States of America.

Application Support 

Applicants will additionally be supported by:

  • Welcome and open communication with UICC Team
  • A guiding document with descriptions on how to complete the letter of intent and application

Please see below for how to apply.


Letter of Intent Opens

 8 March 2017

Letter of Intent Closes

 19 April 2017

Shortlist announced

 12 June 2017

Application deadline for shortlisted candidates

 30 July 2017

Notification of Results

 13 October 2017

ABC4 Awardee Meeting

 2-4 November 2017

All applicants must submit a Letter of Intent prior to submitting the Application. Organisations will be shortlisted based on their Letters of Intent, and a select number will be invited to submit the full Application.

Note: Selection will be determined by a scoring system and reviewed by the Selection Advisory Committee convened by UICC and chaired by Prof. F. Cardoso. Pfizer personnel has no role in the selection process.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Last update: 
Tuesday 13 June 2017