Training Workshop - Case Studies


Between 2005 and 2013, ICRETT Fellowships broadened their scope to support international training workshops. In these years, 98 workshops were held in 33 countries. 

IARC and AIRTUM  Workshop in Cairo

“Cancer Registration and Data Analysis for Francophone Countries in Africa and the Middle East”.
20 participants from 11 countries and 13 registries were trained in the use of CanReg v5 and in analysis and quality assurance of registry data.

INCTR Workshop in Kenya

“Tutorial in Hematopathology”
54 participants (19 pathologists and technologists from provincial hospitals and 35 others from various institutions in Nairobi were taught basic principles of hemathopathology needed for practical diagnosis work.

AfrOx Workshop in Uganda

“Oncology Nursing”
40 participants from the major hospitals in Uganda plus Malawi.  Students were provided specialist training in the basics of oncology nursing.

AMCC Workshop in Mali

“Pain Control and Supportive care at the Hôpital Gabriel Touré in Bamako, Mali."
28 physicians, pharmacists and head nurses were trained in the drug management and nursing care, pain evaluation and the end of life care for patients.

ICN Workshop in Argentina

“Introduction to the statistical analysis of cancer indicators and development of a Population Survival Model”
20 cancer registry professionals acquired advanced skills and knowledge of morbidity and mortality patterns to reduce diagnostic and therapeutic gaps.

MECC Workshop in Turkey

“Approaches for Oncology Integrated Palliative Care in Middle Eastern Countries”
70 palliative care facilitators acquired clinical skills and learnt methodologies in treating patients at end-of-life. 

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Friday 13 March 2020