Master Courses

Master courses offer a unique opportunity to acquire specialised knowledge and skills. Each course is purpose-built by internationally-recognised cancer control professionals to meet specific needs for continuing education of those engaged in cancer control from various disciplines, and at different levels. They are offered free of charge to those who register for the World Cancer Congress.

The courses consist of 3 months of distance learning in cancer or non-cancer related organisational and technical topics, offering specialised information and skills, and culminating in one day, face-to-face workshops at the World Cancer Congress. All courses are led by international experts in the relevant fields and delivered via UICC's eLearning platform, UICC eCampus.

The following Master Courses were offered at the 2018 World Cancer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  

  1. Building cancer awareness and prevention programmes
  2. From peer support to policy change: Strengthening capacities of patient groups across the health system
  3. Using the law and policymaking to promote cancer prevention and control
  4. Effective collaboration to address the challenges of cancer

Master courses aim to provide an opportunity for participants to train and expand their networks to create sustainable cancer control programmes in their home organisations and countries. They were launched in the run up to the 2014 World Cancer Congress in Melbourne, Australia, where over 400 delegates registered and 250 were selected for one of 11 Master courses. In 2016, a further 248 cancer professionals participated in one of nine courses and the subsequent workshops at the World Cancer Congress in Paris, France. 

Past courses have covered a wide range of technical and organisational topics such as evidence-based tobacco cessation, the use of social media for public education and advocacy, cancer control planning and implementation, best practices in publishing, sexuality issues in cancer care, effective partnership management, and more. 

A survey conducted among Master course participants at the 2016 World Cancer Congress highlighted the following: 

  • 95% found the topics interesting and relevant to their work
  • 95% learned about tools and gained skills applicable to challenges in real-world situations
  • 92% acquired information and ideas which they could relate to their country’s settings
  • 88% expanded their professional networks and expected to keep regularly in touch with fellow participants
  • 100% would recommend UICC Master courses to a colleague
Previous participants' highlights
Members meeting and talking at the break-ice-fast session at the 2016WCC

"The contents provided me with a lot of thought starters for projects and direction moving forward"

Participant at the 2016 tobacco cessation Master Course
Master course participants at the 2016WCC

"This course on Global Advocacy was resourceful, well prepared, structured, focused and timely. The lecturers were inspiring. I was highly motivated to develop new ideas for advocacy and development of my community"

Participant at the 2016 global scholar advocacy course
Master course participants at the 2016WCC

"I feel that I have really benefited from my participation. Excellent learning opportunity. Will be doing a research project in my workplace now and hope to present it one day. Thank you"

Participant at the 2014 distress screening Master Course
Master course participants at the 2016WCC

"For me this course was a great way to consolidate my existing learnings in this area. The course instructors did a great job of condensing the large amount of info into a user friendly best practice guide which I will follow when planning future campaigns"

Participant at the 2014 best practice in cancer prevention campaigns Master Course
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