Advocacy landscape


Since 2011, UICC has been working with members and partners to position cancer in global health and development commitments to shape political discussions at the highest level and ensure an adequate response to curb the 8.8 million deaths annually from cancer.

To support action on this, the global UICC community of members advocated for  

  • Aspirational global development and health goals
  • Clear and cost-effective technical guidance
  • Supportive multisectoral mechanisms

to help countries step up and implement comprehensive national cancer responses. This work culminated in the adoption of the 2017 cancer resolution, which provides countries with a clear roadmap to scale-up action on cancer control, irrespective of income level.

UICC_Treatment for All_Infographics_v02_Graphic 2.png

Now our global advocacy will focus on working with member and partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO) to deliver on the commitments in the cancer resolution, as well as engaging in global health and development processes to support the scale-up of cancer services and contribute to strong, sustainable national health systems.

Read more below about cancer in the global development agenda, how cancer is feeding into the global NCD discussion, and learn more about the 2017 cancer resolution.


Last update: 
Monday 11 February 2019