Using the Law effectively for Cancer Control in Europe

5 March 2013

Oslo 6-7 March 2013

The McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer and the Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS), are bringing together professionals from around Europe for a workshop to discuss the effective use of law for cancer control. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen collaboration and information sharing on legal issues relevant to cancer control and care in Europe.

The workshop which will be featuring focus sessions on tobacco control, obesity prevention and the legal rights of people with cancer, will be taking place from 6-7 March in Kunstenrnes Hus, Oslo, Norway.

"We are happy to host the workshop in Oslo together with the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer. Through an international collaboration and information sharing, we gain knowledge useful for our work with cancer prevention. We look forward to learn more about other countries best practices in relevant areas, and share Norway’s experience of taking legislative approaches", said Anne Lise Ryel, Secretary General of the Norwegian Cancer Society

"It is quite clear that fighting cancer, and particularly the causes of cancer, is a global international imperative, in which the rule of law can play a fundamental and impactful role. We have seen how international cooperation can affect the operating environment for tobacco companies, and I have no doubt that such things as poor quality foods, misleading labelling and marketing malpractices can be changed by pooling legal expertise across the world. The McCabe Centre for Law and its Collaborating Centres represent a significant step taken by the cancer community.” added Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer of UICC, about the workshop.

For more information about the workshop, please download the programme.

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