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How is the TNM classification defined and updated?

The UICC TNM Project has updated and expanded the TNM Classification since its inception. For more than 50 years, the TNM Project has benefited from an active participation of internationally renowned experts in cancer staging residing on the TNM Core Committee and its sub-committees, the Evaluation Committee and the Prognostic Factors Committee.

TNM Core Committee

The TNM Core Group is responsible for project planning, analysis of information, decision-making and product generation. It is supported by the Evaluation Committee and Prognostic Factors Committee.

  • Dr Mary Gospodarowicz (Co-Chair)
  • Dr James Brierley (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Malcolm Mason (TNM Rapporteur, Chair TNM Evaluation Committee)
  • Dr Brian O’Sullivan (Chair Prognostic Factors Committee)
  • Dr Hisao Asamura (TNM Atlas Co-editor)
  • Dr Anne Lee (Global Advisory Group Coordinator)
  • Dr Elisabeth Van Eycken (TNM Helpdesk Editor)
  • Dr Meredith Giuliani (Education and Dissemination Coordinator)
  • Dr Brain Rous (TNM Atlas Co-Editor)
  • Dr Neerja Bhatla (FIGO Representative)
  • Dr Robert Brookland (AJCC Representative)

The TNM Core Committee also includes representatives from IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), IASLC (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer), ICCR (International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting) and WHO (World Health Organisation) to maintain a unified TNM classification.

TNM Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee oversees the compilation of new evidence and expert opinion relating to possible modifications of TNM and coordinates various activities.

  • Dr Malcolm Mason (Chair, United Kingdom)
  • Dr Mary Gospodarowicz (Canada)
  • Dr James Brierley (Canada)
  • Dr Brian O’Sullivan (Canada)

TNM Prognostic Factors Core Group

The Prognostic Factors Core Group develops strategies relating to prognostic factors classification(s) relevant to clinical practice and is responsible for product development, including communication and timely reporting.

  • Dr Brian O’Sullivan (Chair, Canada)
  • Dr Malcolm Mason (United Kingdom)
  • Dr Mary Gospodarowicz (Canada)
  • Dr James Brierley (Canada)

UICC HN Advisory Committee to the UICC TNM Project Committee and Editorial Board:

Co-Chairs: Brian O’Sullivan (Canada) and Vincent Gregoire (Belgium)

Head and Neck Surgery:

  • Jimmy Chan (Hong Kong
  • Marc Hamoir (Belgium)
  • Rene Leemans (Netherlands)
  • Piero Nicolai (Italy)
  • Hisham Mehanna (UK)

Medical Oncology:

  • Lisa Licitra (Italy)
  • Danny Rischin (Australia)

Radiation Oncology:

  • June Corry (Australia)
  • Cai Grau (Denmark)
  • Hans Langendijk (Netherlands)
  • Anne Lee (Hong Kong)
  • Chris Nutting (UK)
  • Sandro Porceddu (Australia)

TNM International Expert Panels

The Expert Panels provide organ-based expertise for review of relevant literature and opinions on changes to the TNM classification, representing over 20 countries worldwide. In addition, experts are recruited to serve on TNM Expert Panels and provide organ-based expertise for review of relevant literature and opinions on potential changes to, and adaptations of, the TNM classification.

If you want to submit a proposal for change in the UICC TNM Classification, please consult the document How to submit proposals for change and contact us at tnm@uicc.org

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Monday 13 May 2019