Evidence-based Cancer Prevention: Strategies for NGOs: A UICC handbook for Europe

In the European Union, there are an estimated 1.6 million new cancer cases and over 1 million deaths caused by cancer each year. How can non-governmental organisations make a difference in preventing cancer?

Current cancer patterns in Europe reflect the way we live today. Through research we know that by making the appropriate lifestyle choices we can prevent up to half of all cancers.

The challenge of reducing the cancer burden today lies in transferring this knowledge into behavioural and social changes.

The UICC Handbook, Evidence-based Cancer Prevention: Strategies for NGOs presents successful, evidence-based prevention strategies for use by civil society, and in particular by NGOs in Europe, to meet the challenge.

Each area of Europe faces a different cancer burden representative of varying risk factors. While no single intervention strategy is effective in all cases, the UICC Handbook provides scientific evidence to help national and local cancer organisations develop their own successful strategies adapted to the specific needs of their country.

Publisher: UICC, in collaboration with the Swiss Cancer League and the National League Against Cancer, France; 224 pages

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Héléne Sancho-Garnier
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Friday 7 June 2019