Case study: Supporting Indonesia’s population-based cancer registries (PBCRs)

A spotlight on data collection and analysis by Ms Julyanti Agustina

Ms Julyanti Agustina works at the cancer registry at the Dharmais National Cancer Centre (NCC), Jakarta, Indonesia since 2010. In 2013, Ms. Agustina travelled to the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo, Japan, to complete a UICC fellowship.

The head of Dharmais Cancer Registry Division (Dr Evlina Suzanna) suggested her to apply the UICC fellowship to upgrade knowledge about Cancer Registry in Japan. She wanted to learn about national cancer registry implementation, data collection and data analysis. At the same time, one of her colleagues visited Osaka, Japan with a focus on Japanese prefecture cancer registries. Together, using their newly acquired knowledge, they were able to contribute to the improvements made to the cancer registry at Dharmais.

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Case Study
Julyanti Agustina
Publish Date: 
7 May 2018
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Friday 7 June 2019