UICC's Podcast: Let's talk cancer

Dive into topics most relevant to the cancer community - including tobacco control, issues of equity and fair access to services, anti-microbial resistance, innovation in prevention and treatment or universal health coverage. In UICC's podcast, Cary Adams, CEO of UICC, invites leading thinkers to share their insights and knowledge on the challenges and progress in cancer control. 

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1 February 2023

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Health equity and human rights

Deputy Commissioner Johanne Morne at the NY State Department of Health is among a growing number of public officials in the US and around the world with a dedicated role in improving access to care for underserved populations.

Jim Tennermann, who has been diagnosed eight times with cancer, says it is important not to dive into self-pity but instead engage in a passion; his are guitar and cycling.
9 January 2023

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Overcoming eight cancer diagnoses

In the lead-up to World Cancer Day, listen to the unique story of Jim Tennermann, who has been diagnosed with cancer eight times since first discovering he had a brain tumour almost 30 years ago.

Gautami Tadimalla, Actress and Founder of Life Again Foundation
6 December 2022

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Gautami Tadimalla: from patient to advocate

What does it mean to experience cancer even after remission? How does this experience translate into advocating for better cancer care ? Gautami Tadimalla, a celebrated Bollywood actress, speaks to Cary Adams in Let's Talk Cancer.

Antibiotic resistance is among the many challenges facing the ability of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to properly manage cancer patients
10 November 2022

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Antimicrobial Resistance: a silent pandemic

On the occasion of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW), Kevin Outterson of CARB-X, talks about the threat of AMR, in particular for cancer patients – and what is being done to address AMR.

Health care worker at FUCAM in Mexico, with large pink ribbon in the background symbolising Breast Cancer Awareness Month
26 October 2022

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Closing the care gap in breast cancer survival

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Lydia Pace speaks about the global rise in breast cancer cases, the significant disparities in survival rates between income settings, promising innovations and male breast cancer.

Older and younger women
13 October 2022

Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer" – Assisted suicide: dying with dignity?

If someone is in unbearable pain, terminally ill or suffering an incurable condition, should they legally be provided assistance to die if they wish to do so? Prof. Samia Hurst at the University of Geneva provides insight into the essential question.

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