PRI's Global Cancer Radio Series

3 December 2012

PRI's 'The World' today launches a week-long series by reporter Joanne Silberner entitled 'Cancer's New Battleground: the Developing World'. 

In her series, airing December 3-7, Joanne will take the listener to Uganda’s only cancer hospital to meet a man who was, until recently, the country’s only cancer doctor. She’ll take us to India to learn about a simple, inexpensive test that could save the lives of tens of thousands of women each year. We’ll go with her to Haiti, where the international charity Partners In Health is making a bold push to treat breast cancer.

Cervical Cancer Initiative (CCI) Programme Director Dr Lucrecia Peinado will be participating in a live Facebook chat on Wednesday in the lead up to Part III 'An Ounce of Prevention' (airing December 5), and GAPRI Programme Director Dr Meg O'Brien will feature in Part V 'Dispensing Comfort' (airing December 7).

The series includes five radio pieces as well as an interactive map, slideshows and videos.

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Check out the series 'Cancer's New Battleground: the Developing World'

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