Interview with UICC President-elect

As we close the nominations process for the Board of Directors and President-Elect for 2016-2018, read more about President-Elect Sanchia Aranda and her vision for the Board of Directors for 2016-2018.

We thank those that have taken part of this process by nominating candidates. The process will close at midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8). A few more hours left for those interested. Do not miss out this opportunity and nominate a candidate.

Elections for the Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place on 1 November in Paris, France during the UICC General Assembly. At the General Assembly, full member of UICC will vote the new Board of Directors and the President-Elect.

The new Board of Directors will represent the membership and provide strategic direction to the organisation over the next two years. During the General Assembly in Paris, current President-Elect, Sanchia Aranda will become the UICC President and will lead the Board of Directors in their actions for next two years.

Interview with President-elect Professor Sanchia Aranda

As incoming President, what vision do you have for the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors has undergone enormous change over the past eight years, progressing from a management board to a governance board supporting our CEO and staff.

The role of the Board of Directors to set the strategic direction and priority areas for UICC and support the staff to achieve them while ensuring that our organisation is well managed and able to be a true influence on the shape of cancer control in the international arena.

This wide remit means we need a broadly skilled board of directors, from leaders, clinicians, prevention professionals and beyond, to support our staff. My goal as President will be to build on the growing strength of our governance and management approaches to have a much bigger impact for the majority of our global citizens who have little or no access to cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and support services. 

What have you gained by being part of the UICC Board of Directors?
My six years on the UICC Board of Directors has had a major impact on my perspectives on cancer control. It has helped me to gain a much more strategic and global view of the issues and potential solutions and reinforced the importance of cross sectorial partnerships to reducing global inequities in cancer outcomes. While new advances in cancer science must continue, UICCs role is in ensuring what we already know is available to all. I have had wonderful opportunities to learn and to contribute to important conversations that take this goal further and have built life-long friendships with people from around the globe. It has also been important for me personally to demonstrate that my own discipline of nursing has much greater capacity to contribute to global cancer control than is ever recognised.

What is a good profile for a member of the BOD?
Equity and impact will be be my focus as President of UICC and I need a Board of Directors who share this goal and can help us raise the investments and partnerships that will be needed to make a difference.

The Board of Directors also leads on supporting our large and growing membership, helping us to remain relevant to the needs of members, whether that is in terms of technical support or in enabling our members to support and strengthen each other.

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Friday 20 May 2016