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Imam Khomeini Medical Center Hospital-Based Cancer Registry (IMHCR) has been established since 1996 (1373 ASH). It is the first Hospital-Based cancer registry in I.R. of Iran. This tumor registry is an important part of the Cancer Institute's Comprehensive Cancer Program. Data collected on cancer patients include demographic and medical information. All information collected and recorded in the registry is, by law, maintained on a confidential basis. The information is presented to administration and the medical staff and is reported to The Ministry of Health & Medical education as part of the National Cancer Registry Program. The objectives of the Imam Khomeini Medical Center are: To provide the best known multidisciplinary care for cancer patients, at the most economical level. To advance scientific and medical knowledge in research, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer nationwide. To promote all other aspects of campaign against cancer throughout the country. To promote basic and clinical research activities in all fields of oncology based on national and institutional research priorities. To strengthen the National Cancer Registry and to accomplish this registry with a high international standard.

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