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“HPV Molecular Screening in Cervical Cancer Prevention” Conference

When: 23 May 2014
Where: Rome, Italy
Under the auspices of UICC
With the understanding of carcinogenic HPV mechanisms, the prevention model of cervical cancer has moved from a morphological approach (cytology-histology) to a molecular one. Up to date, HPV-DNA testing is the most important and verified bio-molecular procedure for the of cervical cancer prevention. The role of this test is well defined as triage test after cytologic ASCUS results, and in the post-therapeutic surveillance after cone biopsy (test-of-cure). In recent years, very remarkable results have been also published on the assessment of HPV-DNA testing as a primary cervical screening. These data incontrovertibly show, from different geographical area and clinical settings, the advantage of the HPV-based screening compared to the traditional (cytology). On the other hand we cannot ignore the difficulties of implementing this new strategy, especially regarding the clinical management of the positive result. Indeed, the application of molecular screening requires an updated knowledge of the phenomenology of HPV infection, and the observance of strict management and defined algorithms by the medical class: mainly gynaecologists, but also General Practitioners.
Topics of the Course will be the Biological Basis of HPV-testing, the epidemiology and natural history of HPV infection. Furthermore, we will focus on the role of HPV-testing in primary screening, the usefulness of genotyping in such setting and the significance of other molecular test (such as p16).
The aim of the course (dedicated to gynaecologists and biologists as well) is to identify the biological basis of molecular screening, and the correct use of those test that have been validated for this purpose (among many others reported into the literature). The present Course is a part of the Updating Program between Italian Institute of Cancer Research, which involves the Regina Elena Institute of Rome and the European Institute of Oncology of Milan.

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