NOW OPEN: Nominations for Board of Directors and President Elect

Nominate candidates to represent you and your organisation and set the strategic direction of UICC.

Nominations are open until 31 March. UICC members are invited to nominate candidates for the UICC Board of Directors and UICC President-Elect term of 2014-2016. 

A Nominating Committee will review all nominations and will put forward the slate of nominations to the General Assembly where the Board of Directors and the President-Elect for 2014-2016 will be elected.

All Member Organisations are highly encouraged to participate in this important process by nominating candidates and voting at the General Assembly for the Board of Directors and President-Elect.

Should you wish to nominate a candidate please complete the online nomination form available here. To be considered, nominations must be received before 31 March 2014.

Download the Terms of Reference for UICC Board Members

Download the Terms of Reference for UICC President.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UICC team at