World Cancer Day

After the great success of the 2013 World Cancer Day campaign and after receiving our members' feedback and evaluation of their own campaigns, we have decided to keep digging into "Myths and Misconceptions about cancer" as the theme for the 2014 World Cancer Day campaign. This is your opportunity to help shape the campaign and we would love to hear from you!

Remember that every World Cancer Day campaign is made and tailored FOR you, BY you and it is YOU who can help make it become a real a success.

World Cancer Day 2014 will enable us to choose new myths to dispel with the help of you, our members under a new tagline which will soon be discussed with the World Cancer Day Advisory Group.

But we already need your input: are there any myths and misconceptions you would like to see as part of the 2014 campaign?

Please contact the Communications Team at You have until the end of July to share your proposed myths with us. 
World Cancer Day is the largest membership engagement opportunity, and through sharing ideas with us for myths you would like to debunk, you can concretely contribute to the development of the campaign. 

It is a great way for us to work together hand in hand and meet our mutual objectives.
You can start planning World Cancer Day 2014 today by:

  • Marking you calendars  on 4 February 2014
  • Mobilising your network and contacts to increase the impact of the 2014 campaign
  • Keeping us informed of your plans and ideas to mark the Day

To get in touch with the Communications Team about World Cancer Day, please send an email at