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Dutch Cancer Society, main patron of UICC Champions Programme leads in reducing cancer burden in Latin America.

The Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) is the Netherland’s largest cancer society and a member of UICC since 1982. DCS joined our Champions Programme in 2011; showing early leadership in driving the global advocacy agenda in the lead-up to the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs - making an impact far beyond its national borders.

At the World Cancer Congress in Montréal, Canada in August 2012, the Dutch Cancer Society announced a significant pledge of EUR 1.5 million to support improved data collection and cervical cancer prevention and treatment in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) over the next three years. 

UICC and the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) are now launching an ambitious programme to work together in Latin America to help strengthen regional health systems through UICC’s Cervical Cancer Initiative (CCI) and Global Initiative for Cancer Registries (GICR).

The objective of CCI is to increase the use of cervical cancer prevention and control services, in in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) - with Latin America and Africa, as a first stage. The DCS’s contribution to this programme will directly support:

  • The development of National Cervical Cancer Control Plans (NCCCP)
  • A cervical cancer sub-campaign for World Cancer Day with Spanish language Webinars targeting Latin America
  • Contribute to CCI co-ordination and management at UICC

GICR is implemented in partnership with IARC and aims to address the gap in effective cancer registries around the world through establishing a number of regional hubs that can serve as centres of excellence. The DCS’s contribution to this programme will:

  • Support the establishment of a Latin America registry hub and provide a Technical Coordinator for Latin America within IARC
  • Support a regional UICC coordinator of GICR
  • Develop and deliver key advocacy messages on cancer registries at UN and WHO level
  • Provide dedicated fellowships and advocacy workshops

DCS brings valuable expertise to enhance our work in these programme areas, as an active member of the World Cancer Day Steering Committee, CCI Advisory Group and GICR Advocacy Planning Group.

Michel Rudolphie, CEO of DCS, explains: “The Dutch Cancer Society is convinced that international collaboration is a prerequisite for progress in global cancer control. Hopefully, our commitment will inspire other organisations to support cancer control in LMICs too. We look forward to a successful expansion of our collaboration with UICC.”

UICC is proud to work closely with DCS now and into the future. DCS is a leading Patron of the Together we are Stronger campaign, which counts 40 partners and has raised in excess of USD 17 million in pledges – the majority of which fund global advocacy and programmes.

We are proud to highlight that, of our 40 partners, 16 are UICC members. UICC considers partnership to be fundamental to the success of the cancer community and are keen to work closely with our members to coordinate expertise and resources in our advocacy efforts and to address inequity in cancer treatment, prevention and services around the world. We would love the opportunity to tell you more about how we work in partnership and to learn about your organisations’ interests and priorities.

For questions and/or comments, kindly contact Kathy Glück, Interim Director, External Relations and Business Development at: / +41 (0) 22 809 18 45.