Opportunities for Members

The UICC is proud to announce the launch of the UICC Workshops Programme. The Workshop aims to facilitate capacity building in key areas with linkage to UICC priority areas and World Cancer Declaration targets in low- and middle-income countries.

The Workshop programme seeks application proposals from qualified cancer professionals who work in official bodies, cancer institutes, professional associations, clinics or hospitals in low- and middle-income countries. Workshop proposals are evaluated by an independent Scientific Review Panel according to a peer review process.

Applications for UICC Workshops are now open and the first application deadline closes on 1 March 2014.

The following criteria are used to evaluate the proposals:

  1. Significance, quality and appropriate duration and budget of the proposed project
  2. Linkage with UICC priority areas and World Cancer Declaration targets
  3. Focus on low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank
  4. Anticipated impact on cancer control activities at local or regional level
  5. Anticipated impact on career path and professional development of participants
  6. Suitability and quality of training experts
  7. International component of the proposal leading to collaborative network creation

For more information on UICC Workshops and how to apply please visit the UICC Workshops page 

Yamagiwa-Yoshida (YY) Memorial International Cancer Study Grants Call for proposals

The next YY call close date will be on the 15 January 2014, more information on how to apply can be found here. The fellowship is chaired by Prof. Keith from University of Glasgow, and is supported by UICC Japan National Committee and Kyowa.


  • 3 months International Fellowship
  • Award value of USD 10,000


  • To initiate, set-up or pursue bilateral cancer research projects with collaborating investigators abroad
  • To receive training in advanced experimental research methods and techniques
  • To exploit complementary skills and material


  • Investigators, epidemiologists, public health professionals:
  • Who hold a PhD (or equivalent degree*) for at least 2 years prior to the YY Fellowship application closing date applied for
  • Who are actively engaged in cancer research
  • Who have recent publications in the international peer-reviewed litterature
  • *Please visit the YY Fellowships webpage on the UICC website for the list of frequently awarded research doctorate degreee titles accepted as representing degrees equivalent in content and level to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. First-professional degrees will not be considered in themselves as PhD-equivalent, even if recipients carry the title.

YY Fellow Testimony

‘The YY fellowship allowed the fieldwork validation of an ethnographic study about representations of prostate cancer among French born and immigrant men. I received enormous support from my host institutions, Université de Paris 7, URMIS and Hôpital Saint Louis- Service of Urology and Ligue nationale contre le cancer. I took advantage of all possibilities to acquire and exchange new knowledge as an oncology nurse and as a researcher. This fellowship offers many opportunities for professionals at any stage of their careers. I would like to express my appreciation to UICC for their simple, fast and serious grant evaluation process that definitively initiated a new chapter in my career’.  

- Margareth Zanchetta, YY Fellow

Margareth Zanchetta, YY Fellow, at a working meeting at the French League Against Cancer with Dr Christian Mesenge (University Senghor) Dr Marguerite Cognet (URMIS- University of Paris 7, her local supervisor) and Dr Marc Keller (League).