World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2014: "Debunk the myths". Campaign materials to be ready by the end of September!

We need YOU! Find out how you can help!

Here comes that exciting time of the year again: the preparation of next year's World Cancer Day campaign.

We are pleased to announce that the 2014 World Cancer Day campaign will be developed under the tagline:

"Debunk the myths"

Aligned with this tagline, we will choose four sub-priorities to focus the messaging on, similarly to what we did for the 2013 campaign.

We need your help!  

  • Continue submitting the myths and misconceptions you would like to see appear in the campaign materials.
  • Share your stories/case studies on myths and misconceptions
  • Keep us informed of your plans and ideas to mark World Cancer Day 2014 and share it with your network
  • Help us translate the campaign materials. Let us know by sending us an email at
  • Do you have a Twitter handle? If yes, send it to us at so we can interact with you before, during and after the World Cancer Day campaign. Otherwise, add us on Twitter directly using @uicc. Don’t forget to use the #worldcancerday hashtag!

Remember that every World Cancer Day campaign is made and tailored FOR you, BY you and it is YOU who can help make it become a real a success.

To get in touch with the Communications Team about World Cancer Day, please send an email at