World Cancer Day

We've assembled some highlights of what went on around the world for World Cancer Day 2014, as well as some interesting figures showing the progress of the campaign. Check it out in the Full World Cancer Day 2014 Report!

World Cancer Day has become a not-to-be-missed occasion to put cancer on the global agenda as a life-threatening disease for future generations. You, our member organisations, have all contributed to shape cancer control on a global scale and help UICC gain more influence as the leading cancer fighting membership organisation worldwide. 

The 2014 campaign has definitely surpassed our expectations in terms of impact and success, which we can only attribute to the global efforts of so many. What a major step-up from previous years through the great response we had from members and the public all over the globe. Together, for the second year in a row, we all joined forces to dispel some of the most damaging myths and misconceptions surrounding cancer. Check out the World Cancer Day 2014 Report: Download the full report here or scroll down to read it online here below.

"In conservative regions of the Arab World, it is imperative that we debunk myths and misconceptions and encourage everyone to break the silence in talking about breast cancer. Failure to recognise the importance of these sociocultural factors can result in barriers that will ultimately doom the success of any early detection programme. Empowering women to know their Health Rights concerning care and breast cancer is just as important, and is among the best methods of achieving the objectives of Union for International Cancer Control and Targets of the World Cancer Declaration."

- Dr Samia Al-Amoudi 
Breast Cancer Survivor 
Women's Health Empowerment and Breast Cancer Patient's Rights Advocate 
King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Board member of UICC

We look forward to working with you on 2015 World Cancer Day. Members can expect all material to be ready by September 2014. Mark your calendar as from now!