World Cancer Day’s new theme focuses squarely on you

4 October 2018

New global campaign launches at World Cancer Congress 

Four months ahead of the day itself, the new World Cancer Day three-year campaign asks supporters two questions: ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What will you do?’. It is an empowering theme urging for action and personal commitment to reduce the impact of cancer – for ourselves, the people around us and the wider world. 

The openness of the theme encourages supporters to contribute their own message, with each person and each message becoming a central figure of the campaign. In doing so, the campaign recognises the power of each of our voices to make a positive impact. 

World Cancer Day continues to capture the attention of individuals, companies, world leaders, journalists, and communities around the world. In the last year of the ‘We can. I can.’ campaign in 2018, the day achieved over 14,000 press mentions, hundreds of thousands of website visitors, and was a global trending topic – helping to raise awareness, spark conversations and inspire action on all fronts.  

The new ‘I Am and I Will’ campaign will drive dialogue and discussion around eight core key issues: 

  • Awareness, understanding, myths and misinformation 
  • Prevention and risk reduction 
  • Government action and accountability 
  • Equity in access to cancer services
  • Beyond physical: mental and emotional impact  
  • Reducing the skills gap 
  • Saving lives saves money 
  • Working together as one 

The next three years will be an open invitation for individuals, businesses, schools, cities, governments and communities around the world to take meaningful action. With this new theme, the campaign makes each and every one of us a hero. 

Explore the new campaign materials and discover the new-look website at


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