World Cancer Congress postponed to 16-18 March 2021

6 April 2020

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, UICC has taken the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the World Cancer Congress to March 2021 and cancel the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, UICC has decided to move to a virtual business model until the end of 2020 and to cancel or delay all planned face-to-face meetings.

This includes cancelling the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in October in Oman and delaying the World Cancer Congress to 16-18 March 2021.

“These decisions have not been taken lightly” said Dr Cary Adams, CEO, UICC. “But as a global health organisation, we believe that we should ‘Walk the Talk’, as Dr Tedros, Director-General of the World Health Organization, tells us. This is simply not a year in which we should hold face-to-face meetings or encourage our community to travel internationally”. 

Every aspect of UICC’s work has been considered and this approach is being taken to ensure that the organisation's contribution to a world ravaged by coronavirus is positive and supportive. As a membership organisation, UICC is particularly engaged in strengthening its support to members in countries around the world who are all facing challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Indeed, cancer organisations are particularly affected by this pandemic as they address the double challenge of cancer and the coronavirus.

“Our commitment to our members and to the wider cancer community continues through a range of virtual and online services”, assured Cary Adams. “In such difficult times we must all pull together, recognise and leverage the power of partnerships across different sectors, finding new ways to work together, share information and best practices to hasten the end to this crisis. Our thoughts are with everyone during this very difficult time".

For more information about how UICC will change its priorities for the rest of 2020 read the message from UICC President HRH Princess Dina and Dr Cary Adams.

Last update: 
Thursday 14 May 2020