UICC’s Virtual Dialogues: a new suite of innovative online services for members

UICC initiates a series of Virtual Dialogues - Smart domotics business city
12 May 2020

UICC is pleased to announce the start of its Virtual Dialogues on Wednesday 20th May, intended to connect members, facilitate knowledge sharing and provide expert insights.

UICC’s mission is firstly to unite and support the cancer community, and in the current context this support, and specifically for our members, is more important than ever. As the world deals with the current crisis, and with in-person meetings, events and travel no longer possible, it is critical to explore and provide new opportunities to learn and connect with each other. 

UICC is therefore initiating a series of Virtual Dialogues starting Wednesday 20th May. These Dialogues will be organised on different online platforms and are intended to allow members to come together, exchange insights and share solutions regarding their respective and common challenges. 

"We believe that our new offer will be a source of energy and greater stability for Members as they move forward in these uncertain times."
– Dr Cary Adams, CEO of UICC

Informed by feedback from its members, the UICC Virtual Dialogues will initially address three main areas where key challenges for cancer care and control have emerged due to the current global dynamics:

  • cancer services and support
  • leadership and management 
  • strengthening health systems 

The Virtual Dialogues will also provide a channel to draw attention to longstanding cancer priorities, which may have been sidelined by the crisis. Three specific formats will be offered:

Member Dialogues

These are online sessions where UICC members will have the opportunity, through participatory approaches and techniques, to connect, share individual experiences and perspectives and learn from each other. Exclusive to UICC members, they intend to offer a unique space for open and informal discussions. Three Members Dialogues will take place on 20th May, 26th May and 2nd June, each held at different time zones to support engagement from across all regions.

Special Focus Dialogues

These online panel discussions and expert presentations will follow in June and will address questions or issues of particular relevance or urgency. Topics stem from across all three thematic areas noted above and will include: caring for older cancer patients during the pandemic, leading a remote workforce, adopting a digital strategy, fundraising and income generation, building resilient health systems and cervical cancer elimination.

While access is primarily for members, knowledge products from the Special Focus Dialogues will be made available on the UICC website.

Long-View Dialogues

Also starting later in June, UICC will host high-profile, forward-looking, webinars where influential voices and prominent experts will take the ‘long view’ on some of the broader concerns and challenges affecting the global health and cancer communities, across the three themes identified above.

"The Virtual Dialogues are not only an invitation to exchange views and access knowledge, but to rediscover a sense of community, specifically at this time."
– Dr Kirstie Graham, Director of Capacity Building, UICC

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Wednesday 2 September 2020