UICC’s Virtual Dialogues meet with enthusiasm within the cancer community

Virtual Dialogues meet with enthusiasm within the cancer community
12 August 2020

Since the launch last May of UICC’s Virtual Dialogues, a total of 345 professionals have participated in this new suite of online activities introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

189 people from 133 UICC member organisations in 61 countries participated in the Virtual Dialogues, underscoring UICC’s renewed focus to support members around the world during these complex times.

UICC's Virtual Dialogues enabled participants:

  • To explore together possible solutions to address the new challenges facing cancer patients and organisations reigniting a sense of community.
  • To learn more about autonomous, self-organising working models and how they can contribute to a more congenial, collective and productive working environment.
  • To share good practices on how to navigate and take advantage of the digital transformation imposed by the pandemic in the areas of leadership, fundraising and service delivery. Experts engaged with participants and answered their questions on pivoting to a digital environment.
  • To discuss the unique risks older cancer patients face with COVID-19.
  • To better understand the landmark commitment to eliminate cervical cancer and to look beyond the impact of the pandemic towards this once-in-a-generation opportunity to save millions of women’s lives.
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What is coming up

Aiming to pursue this successful new model of engagement with UICC members, plans are already in motion for upcoming dialogues this fall. As the cancer community slowly moves beyond the immediate COVID-19 horizon, the proposed sessions will take a closer look at the changing landscape of cancer care and support:

  • ‘Reimagining cancer control’ in the time of COVID-19
  • A renewed focus on cervical cancer elimination
  • A closer look at cancer diagnosis, how to recover the ground lost during the lockdown phase of the pandemic and how to ensure the continuity of cancer prevention during the ongoing health crisis and in its aftermath
  • How to strengthen and engage the global breast cancer community
  • Discussions on leadership, financial management and fundraising to support members navigate the economic downturn
  • Advocacy in the time of COVID-19, exploring how we can revive momentum on global cancer control in line with the WHA 2017 Cancer Resolution

An end of year celebration to honour the cancer community:

Special Edition Virtual Dialogue: Celebrating Leadership and Collaboration

Join UICC this November for a special online event honouring the achievements of UICC members. Hear from UICC leaders, celebrate winners of the UICC awards for Best CEO and Best World Cancer Day Spirit and be inspired by the next generation of leaders in cancer control.

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