Treatment for All focal points join the UICC delegation at the World Health Assembly in Geneva

22 May 2018

Treatment for All focal points representing civil society organisations from Indonesia, Mexico and Uganda join UICC staff in Geneva, Switzerland for shared learning and shared representation at the World Health Assembly (WHA) as part of joint preliminary efforts to translate global commitments into national action.

One year after the adoption of the cancer resolution at the 70th World Health Assembly, participants Professor Aru Sudoyo, Chair of Indonesian Cancer Foundation, Indonesia; Adela Ayensa, Director General of Salvati, Mexico; and, virtually, Paul Ebusu, Executive Director of Uganda Cancer Society, Uganda join UICC staff this week to represent the first three Treatment for All countries working to promote greater equity in access to cancer services.

Launched this World Cancer Day, Treatment for All is UICC’s advocacy initiative aimed at equipping UICC Members with meaningful tools and training to facilitate the coming together across key civil society and government stakeholders to advocate for improvements across key areas of cancer services brought forth in the cancer resolution. Emphasis is placed on the four key pillars of Treatment for All, namely (1) improving the quality of cancer data for public health use, (2) increasing the number of people with access to early detection and diagnosis, (3) providing timely and quality treatment, including radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy, as well as access to essential medicines, and (4) strengthening supportive and palliative care. These efforts rely on strengthened, integrated health systems and are embedded in the aims and ambitions of universal health coverage.

UICC is particularly committed to working with Members in low- and middle- income countries to plan their own national Treatment for All advocacy campaigns, based on a structured assessment of their needs and challenges, both in progressing in cancer control and their abilities to advocate for policy-driven change. This week, UICC announces its first three national collaborating civil society organisations for Treatment for All as part of our scoping year: Indonesian Cancer Foundation, Salvati and Uganda Cancer Society. Focal points from Indonesia and Mexico arrived in Geneva to complete a Treatment for All full-day workshop and to participate alongside UICC as delegates of the WHA.

“The objectives that Treatment for All sets out are ones that all countries should be working towards and Indonesian Cancer Foundation is proud to be at the forefront in these efforts. Cancer in Indonesia is on the rise and only through implementation of the four Treatment for All pillars can this disease be controlled, and mortality and morbidity decreased,” said Professor Aru Sudoyo.

The focal points will also be invited to attend the WHA and participate in side events. We expect interesting discussions on the WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work, which sets out the direction for the organisations under the leadership of the new Director General, Dr Tedros, with a very strong focus on achieving universal health coverage. The broader UICC delegation and the Treatment for All focal points will also be advocating for a strong outcome document recognising the role of treatment and care, civil society engagement during the meeting 5 July, and the participation of Heads of State/Government in the upcoming UN High-level Meeting (HLM) on NCDs. During the week, the WHA will be invited to review a preparatory report for the HLM, including a review on global process against the 25x25 targets and SDG3.4 toward reducing premature cancer and NCD mortality.

“To be here during the World Health Assembly, for Mexico, is a great opportunity, as is our involvement in the Treatment for All campaign. With the support of UICC, we are being given the tools we need to grow, not as a foundation, but as a country in addressing cancer as a major health concern,” said Adela Ayensa.

More information about the first three countries taking part in Treatment for All, and the shaping of their national priorities will be available soon. These efforts will inform how UICC proceeds in scaling up Treatment for All with more of our Members. If you are interested in becoming more active in the Treatment for All campaign, please contact and visit our social media hub to join the online discourse.

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