The NCD Alliance becomes an independent NGO

NCD Alliance - Board
21 May 2017

UICC is excited to have supported the transformation of the NCD Alliance from an international alliance into a standalone NGO.

Since its formation in 2009, the NCD Alliance has become an important player in global health and has helped to galvanise international commitments and national action to tackle the growing NCDs epidemic.

As a founding member, UICC has worked closely with the NCD Alliance team to support their growth and success along with the World Heart Federation, The Union against TB and Lung Disease, International Diabetes Federation, Alzheimer’s Disease International, Management Sciences for Health, and the Framework Convention Alliance. Over the last eight years we, as the NCD community, have achieved a great deal including the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs, the Global Action Plan on NCDs, a specific target on NCD reduction in the Sustainable Development Goals, and a plethora of individual national NCD plans and policies to drive national action.

With all of this in place, the time was right to reflect on the position of the NCD Alliance and how to ensure the strength and sustainability of the work as we move forwards. As a standalone NGO, the NCD Alliance will be in the best position to advocate for and support the national actions we need to improve the lives of people with NCDs. UICC has actively supported the NCD Alliance to become an independent NGO, and with this we are delighted to announce that the NCD Alliance will hold its first General Assembly and meeting of the Board of Directors on the 22nd May.

As part of the process to developing the inaugural Board of Directors, UICC reached out to our members and we would like to thank everyone who applied. The quality of applications was very high and we are delighted to announce that Professor Tezer Kutluk, UICC’s Immediate Past President, will be sitting on the board to represent UICC. In addition to Tezer, the CEO of Cancer Council Victoria, Todd Harper, will also be contributing his expertise and experience to the successful launch of the NCD Alliance. You can find out more about the new Board of Directors, including their profiles, here.

Whilst this transition will not change the operations and strategic priorities of the NCD Alliance, it signals a new era and we look forward to working with the team to strengthen NCD advocacy, national accountability and national and regional capacities to drive changes for people living with NCDs.

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