Honouring the value of cancer research

20 September 2018

UICC marks World Cancer Research Day on 24thSeptember 

World Cancer Research Day represents an opportunity to remind the world of the value of cancer research. Today, UICC recognises and honours the researchers, oncologists, physicians, universities, companies, organisations, policy makers and individuals living with cancer who all contribute to the growing body of knowledge and understanding of cancer. 

Through promoting and advancing research, we create opportunities to find better ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer, with the end goal of improving survival rates and the quality of life for those living with the disease. 

We have every reason to feel optimistic. Research in areas such as immunotherapy, radiotherapy, nanotherapy and precision medicine are producing promising results that will help to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer more precisely, more cost-effectively, and with less side-effects, and better opportunities for success. 

Collaboration will be key to any breakthrough. International cooperation increases exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience, standardisation of databases, as well as opportunities for training and learning from regions and countries where specific types of cancers are more prevalent.  

Critically, we also need to learn from every patient and their unique experience.

This World Cancer Research Day, UICC joins the call to promote faster progress by coordinating research among global partners and building on the worldwide investments in cancer research.

For further information on global campaign and the World Declaration for Cancer Research, visit: worldcancerresearchday.com

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Friday 7 June 2019