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7 March 2018

Last month on World Cancer Day, UICC launched a new interactive tool to facilitate navigating the global commitments related to cancer and non-communicable diseases.

With the adoption of the cancer resolution in May 2017, UICC’s focus is now on working toward the comprehensive implementation of the resolution to improve patient access to early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care under the banner of ‘Treatment for All’.

At the same time, the global cancer and non-communicable disease (NCD) community is gearing up to the 2018 United Nations High-level Meeting (UN HLM) on NCDs in order to push for concerted national action against the nine Global Action Plan targets (GAP) to stand a chance of achieving a 25% reduction in premature cancer and NCD mortality by 2025. These efforts contribute toward the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.4 – a 33% reduction in premature mortality from NCDs by 2030. We will strive to ensure that the cancer resolution and commitments within the GAP are interpreted as important steps to achieving sustainable and integrated national health systems.

To support this drive for national action from both a health and development perspective, it is important that UICC members and other cancer advocates leverage the new language contained in the cancer resolution and global goals.

The 2017 cancer resolution, the Global Action Plan on NCDs, WHO’s cost-effective recommendations for NCDs, and the Sustainable Development Goals are connected and build on each other to provide stakeholders with a framework to develop and deliver comprehensive cancer services within a health and development context.

Each one reinforces the need for core investments in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and care services as an essential part of strengthening health systems to address the growing global cancer burden.

UICC has developed an interactive tool, the 'Global cancer commitments navigator', to better help policy makers and cancer and NCD advocates build understanding of the links between international time bound commitments and priority actions for national impact.

Global cancer commitments navigator
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This tool facilitates navigating between these essential global documents, using linkages to build compelling arguments for national action in terms of:

  • Prioritising evidence-based approaches and a core package of services for impact on patient outcomes
  • Prioritising cost-effective interventions
  • Integration of cancer control efforts with NCD plans
  • Integration of cancer control efforts with infectious disease, child and maternal health services
  • Opportunities for a whole-of-government approach

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We wish to supplement this tool with country case studies on best practices and successes in national implementation. We are particularly interested in case studies that demonstrate how policy support can drive cancer pathways and services for real improvements in terms of patient outcomes and equity in access.

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