The cancer community mobilises in face of the coronavirus

28 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to hold the entire world in its grip and it is humbling to see how doctors and nurses around the world are working tirelessly and risking their lives to save lives.

As UICC President, Princess Dina Mired of Jordan says in her video greetings to the cancer community, “We are beyond indebted to all the health workers around the world. They give a new, profound meaning to the term "the ultimate sacrifice’. She shares her experience as the mother of a cancer survivor and her concern for the serious challenges facing the cancer community. Highlighting the actions taken by UICC members to address them, she expresses her gratitude and deepest thanks.

Most of the world has now been living in some form of confinement or lock-down for several weeks. UICC has been reaching out to members to hear their stories, voice their concerns, relay their actions so they may inspire others, and enable them to share their experiences and insights on how they are confronting this unique situation. 

A webinar organised by UICC on how members are responding to the coronavirus pandemic as well as the following news articles published in April showcase a number of these stories:

In a letter to the cancer community, Princess Dina along with Cary Adams, CEO of UICC, made a call for united action, explained the move by UICC to cancel or suspend all events and face-to-face meetings for 2020, including the World Cancer Congress, and move to a virtual business model. As a global health organisation, UICC seeks to reduce public health risk, not add to it.

The coronavirus pandemic affects the funding of cancer organisations, research, treatment and care – and will do so for many months to come. UICC will continue to strengthen its support of the cancer community and its members through one of the most difficult times they have faced.

Resources on how to address the double challenge of cancer and coronavirus have been made available and regularly updated. A suite of online services is being developed and further communication on this will follow.

Last update: 
Wednesday 13 May 2020