30 June 2020

Call for applications: Project ECHO® on breast cancer control

UICC opens a call for applications to participate in a Project ECHO® breast cancer control course, delivered in partnership with the NCI Center for Global Health and the Breast Health Global Initiative.

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Building on its commitment to breast cancer and supporting members to extend their reach and impact, UICC will launch a free, six-month Project ECHO® course this October 2020, providing online training to cancer organisations around the world. 

The ECHO®  (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model uses a web-based telementoring programme to enable best practice sharing through combined case-based and didactic learning. 

The course will be based on the Knowledge Summaries for Comprehensive Breast Cancer, a reference tool for breast cancer policymakers, administrators, clinicians and advocates.

With the objective of improving breast cancer outcomes in lower-income settings, this Project ECHO® breast cancer control course will provide participants with opportunities to:

  • gain knowledge on how to apply the planning steps in the Knowledge Summaries;
  • reflect in teams to refine their activities and strategy in support of improved breast cancer patient outcomes;
  • be in a position to deliver stronger breast cancer control policies and programmes in accordance with their setting;
  • have access to breast cancer experts to provide individual feedback on questions and challenges brought to them;
  • network and share best practices with peers around the world as part of the Project ECHO cohort;
  • gain exposure by sharing their project with other participants;
  • engage in aligned UICC activities in the field of breast cancer (invitation to workshops, breast cancer webinars and other capacity building opportunities).

UICC members leading or planning to lead breast cancer-related activities are strongly encouraged to apply over the course of summer 2020. Introductory Project ECHO® sessions will be held in September as preparation for the start of the course. The formal sessions will begin in October 2020 and conclude in April 2021. They will take place through bi-monthly Zoom calls.

Applications are open from the 30th June until 28th August 2020.

Click here to learn more about the application guidelines.

Selected organisations will be notified in September 2020.

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