New partners step up in the fight against cancer

4 February 2013

IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Panacea, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nextech and Timberland

World Cancer Day, 4 February 2013 – is a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease, under this year’s global campaign tagline ‘Cancer – did you know?’. On this important day in the global health calendar, we are pleased to welcome six new partners into our family of UICC Champions and announce a renewed commitment from one of our long-standing partners.

IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Panacea, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nextech and Timberland have demonstrated their corporate philanthropy on a global scale by pledging their support over the next three years within our Champions Programme. Additionally, Sanofi Espoir Foundation has committed a significant six-figure gift to accelerate the fight against childhood cancer over the coming years. Our Champions Programme now comprises 41 exceptional member organisations, foundations and corporations who provide leadership, expertise and funding for our priority areas of work in global advocacy, convening and programmes. 

Thanks to these partners, our campaign -Together We Are Stronger - has now raised over US$15 million in pledges since 2010 - far exceeding our US$ 12 million benchmark. This is an incredible testament to the leadership of our members, partners and volunteers, who have enabled us to drive action against cancer across the globe.  Last year, through the support of our Champion Partners, UICC:

  • Advocated for strong NCD targets and indicators to be included in the WHO’s Global Monitoring Framework
  • Raised global awareness of cancer prevention through the World Cancer Day campaign, which garnered an ‘opportunities to see’ figure of nearly four billion
  • Convened 2,000 members of the cancer community in Montréal, Canada for the World Cancer Congress and World Cancer Leaders’ Summit 
  • Supported cancer fellowships and training workshops in six continents
  • Significantly increased our membership base from 465 to over 770 members across 155 countries
  • Continued to grow our programmes which seek equity for low- and middle-income countries in accessing cancer prevention, information and treatment  We look forward to the continued support and active participation of our current and new partners over the coming years - together we are a powerful force for change.  

What some of our new partners are saying: 

"IBM is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise that will drive innovation to help advance research and improve treatment for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. With efforts such as IBM's World Community Grid, through which volunteers have donated unused computing power to scientists working on cancer research, we continue to seek new ways to collaborate and contribute to the global vision of eliminating cancer for future generations. It's only natural that IBM would want to extend its participation in this worthy endeavour by also supporting UICC's goals of better education and awareness of this disease."

- Dan Pelino, General Manager, Global Public Sector, IBM 

“Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail against serious diseases. We are pleased to partner with the UICC as an extension of our mission and look forward to working with the UICC and its members to help accelerate the fight against cancer.”

- Adam Dubow, Vice-President, Global and Corporate Policy, BMS

“On this World Cancer Day, we are pleased and proud to be part of the global galvanizing efforts of beating cancer. Panacea will do its part through our Early Diagnosis of cancer and monitoring of treatment response hence contributing significantly to global cancer control".

- Dr Mahmood Moshiri, CEO, Panacea Global Inc.

“We deploy our expertise in oncology to invest equity in cancer companies with leadership teams active in the fields of therapy, medical technology, diagnostics and services, supported by a coherent and eminent group of six oncology experts. The wide network of UICC brings opportunities of cancer drug development, a pivotal process which Nextech Invest Ltd. is financing and thus increasing the chance that novel, effective, vital drugs will reach the market, while at the same time offering attractive returns to investors.”

- Dr Alfred Scheidegger, CEO & Founding Partner, Nextech Invest Ltd.

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