National Oncology Centre of Azerbaijan Republic

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79B, H. Zardabi street Milli Onkologiya Merkezi
AZ 1011 Baku

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The mission of National Oncology Centre is to eliminate cancer in Azerbaijan Republic through dedicated programs that integrate quality patient care, research and prevention, and through education for graduate students, residents, employees, patients and the general public. NOC has been initiator and leading agency in cancer prevention and cancer control programs in Azerbaijan. It provides methodological, scientific and training support to oncology specialists and public health professions in the field. In 2015, NOC established National Cancer Registry based on CanReg5 software provided by IARC. Through its epidemiological research NOC contributes to the expansion of knowledge about cancer incidence, prevalence and distribution of risk factors among Azerbaijan's population, thus contributing to the design and development of effective and targeted cancer prevention and control programs. The active participation of NOC in the research related to molecular and genetic aspects of the oncological diseases as well as on diagnosis and treatment, helps to advance the cancer care in Azerbaijan.
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