National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR)

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The thrust areas of research include pre-cancer and cancers of the uterine cervix, breast and oral cancers. NICPR has since made significant contributions in the field of cervical cancer research. The concept of clinical downstaging, visual inspection of cervix with selective cytology screening and development of novel diagnostic approaches for HPV and other oncogenes have been introduced for screening and early detection of cervical cancer. Transcriptional control of viral gene expression, preparatory work on India specific HPV vaccine and analysis of breast cancer susceptibility genes are some of the major research areas being undertaken at NICPR. NICPR has been designated as a WHO-FCTC Global Knowledge Hub for Prevention and Control of Smokeless Tobacco Products. The FCTC Hub shall provide a global comprehensive data base and retrieval hub for SLT products surveillance. It shall provide information on product-specific SLT burden, research needs and strategies concerning SLT regulation, educate public on risks associated with SLT use and assist in cessation and treatment.

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