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The Medical Women Association of Tanzania (MEWATA) is affiliated to te Medical Women International Association and Medical Association of Tanzania. MEWATA is comprised of Tanzania women who are medical and dental practitioners registered by Tanganyika Medical Council. MEWATA was founded in 1987 and registered as a voluntary NGO in 1989. The Association has over 300 members. The vision of MEWATA is "Healthy Tanzanian population accessing quality health services that are affordable and sustainable through efficient and effective support systems. MEWATA mission is "to advocate for and facilitate provisions of quality health services among women, young people, children and men through existing social systems and capacity building among health professionals." The long term goals of MEWATA are: to contribute to the improved quality of life and social well being, with particular focus on women, young children and men, to contribute to national efforts in capacity building of health sector with particular focus on female medical professionals and health delivery systems and to encourage and provide opportunities for medical women to identity health problems of the communities they serve and utilize their skills and training in solving or alleviating such problems. 1.MEWATA Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening Campaigns The program is structured in three main phases: a) Phase 1 - Mass Screening of women b) Phase 2 - Special Clinics - Clinical Investigations and Diagnosis c) Phase 3 - Treatment (Surgical and Chemotherapy/Hormonal therapy and Radiation therapy) So far MEWATA has covered five regions Dar es salaam, Mwanza, Mbeya, Lindi and Mtwara and in October 2008 we will do campaigns in Dodoma and Manyara to celebrate breast cancer month. 2. East Africa Breast Cancer Project - Engaged in the provision of Mammography Machines to five regions in Tanzania to help improve screening of women to achieve early diagnosis of breast cancer. This project is sponsored by individuals who are cancer activists in the USA. 3. Rapid Assessment for Communities Package Development: The rapid assessment was necessary and it aimed at investigating the reasons for low turn up of women who were detected with breast anomalies for subsequent management of their problems. The assessment also aimed at looking into ways of involving the community members and leaders in identifying best ways of communicating on issues around breast cancer screening and management of breast anomalies. 4. Construction of MEWATA Well Women Health Center at Mbweni Dar es Salaam Currently MEWATA is in the process of securing a proper contractor for the construction of the Health Center at Mbweni JKT. 5. MEWATA Advocacy program on reduction of Maternal, Neonatal and Child Mortality in Tanzania as a contribution of Professional Associations joint program with One UN Tanzania. 6. MEDIA Programmes - Various educational health programmes aired in radios and TVs in Tanzania by female medical doctors.

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