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Kenya Cancer Association (KENCASA) is a voluntary run non profit making organization which was established in Kenya in 1995 after recognition that Cancer was emerging as a leading cause of death in the country. Its core mandate is to raise public awareness on Cancer as well as mobilize and lobby stakeholders including the Government to prioritize Cancer in their programs. The vision is to ensure that all Kenyans are made aware about Cancer, its causes, prevention mechanisms, available treatment and care with the overall goal of combating Cancer across the country and hence reducing the incidence and prevalence of Cancer in Kenya. Through effective partnerships and using all available avenues, develop policies and strategies that will educate all Kenyans about cancer and involve key stakeholders and the populace in cancer prevention and control and get the government to prioritize cancer control initiatives. This is in recognition of the fact that the fight against Cancer cannot be won by an individual nor a government alone but through public, private partnership and that the best and most effective weapon against cancer is knowledge. In 1990, KENCASA became associate UICC member.

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00 254 2 562 901
P.O. Box 293-00200
Kenyatta National Hospital
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Tuesday 13 December 2016